Boot Camp Is Coming To Italy

Italy Report

unnamedHere in Luserna, Italy, just outside of Turin, we are busy preparing for our first European Boot Camp. We have been scoping out possible locations for our camp and believe we have found a great area in Valley Pellice, a remote area nestled at the foot of the Alps. Currently, it is under about five feet of snow, but still accessible for winter hikers. 

We just finished our promotion video which is now available on YouTube. Please check out our link for Teen Munnamed-2issions in Europe. We have been corresponding with our Teen Missions bases in South Africa, Uganda, and Honduras to confirm the details for this summers’ team projects. We are also communicating with Youth for Christ in Italy about a local TMI team we would like to promote through a project called The Cage. It is a traveling soccer ministry that specializes in street evangelism.

Building relationships is a key point in being able to share our Christian faith with others. Daily we are making connections with new faces; weekly we are meeting with new believers to encourage them in their faith. We are fortunate to belong to a very mission minded church that loves to evangelize. Once a month we set up a tent in the central market and share our personal testimonies with people from many nations in the world. 

unnamed-1The support staff in the States, who will soon join us in Italy, have been helping with a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that will aid the Teen Missions summer program to become a realization. They have been sending emails to churches across Europe to promote our Boot Camp and summer trips. This will help generate interest and give church leaders the opportunity to get more information and ask us any questions they might have. It will also help us get face-to-face time with pastors and youth who are interested in missions this summer. They have also been gathering the necessary paperwork needed to run the program, continuing the raising of prayer partners for the ministry, keeping our current prayer partners informed, and helping update our website.



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