God Works In Amazing Ways

Praise Report from Zambia

Again I am amazed at the type of lives the students have lived before coming here. One girl, Memory Chanda, said that her mom died after childbirth. Then her dad died a week later. Her grandmother took her for a while. Life was very hard. Her grandmother was a charcoal burner. Then the day came when the police came saying they found her grandmother dead on the street. Now she had no one and was out on the street sleeping there night and day. She lived on the street for three years. Then a missionary lady saw her on the street and talked to her. She took her home and looked after her and sent her to school. One of our grads ended up working with this same lady and mission. That is how our student, Memory, heard about Teen Missions. God plucked her up out of a dark place and has set her feet on the solid Rock. We are thrilled to be able to minister into her life. Memory loves the Lord and is doing very well in school. Praise the Lord for His goodness.


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