A Life Changing Experience

Tanzania Praise Report:

My name is Morris Hapson. I was born in Kenya and brought up in Tanzania. My father is Tanzanian and my mother was Kenyan. My father left Kenya when my mother died when I was 7 years old. We are three in our family and I’m the firstborn. My other young sister and brother remained in Kenya. When my father decided to remarry  things started to change and life became difficulty and I had to go bunnamedack to Kenya to join my other brother and sister who were staying with my grandmother. When she died we had to trace our father and stay with him, though it was still not easy staying with our step mother. I endured till I completed my secondary education and went to college. I failed to complete because of money.
Early last year there was a crusade near our place and the pastor of that church invited me to attend. When I went there  I gave my life to the Lord and became born again. Though it was not very easy with my father. He had to chase me out of the house, so the pastor asked me to be staying with him. Last year the church received the American team from Teen Missions. I worked with the team and from there I asked them about the camp and they told me there will be a camp in December. I waited until the time they told me and I received a strange call from Mr. Saba Mwape, our coordinator that I should come for Boot Camp. When I came I felt the Lord was telling me I should come for BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW),
BMW has helped me a lot with my spiritual and physical life because there are many things that I now know which I did not know before. Spiritually I feel that I have gained a lot and physically I didn’t know how to manage my time, but now I know because I’m a whistle blower (time keeper for keeping everyone on schedule). Thank God for this opportunity of having BMW in our country. I hope it will continue in our country so that many youths can have this opportunity of attending BMW.
Thank you and God bless the sponsors of Teen Missions in our country.



  1. Hello there hope you are fine all of you am coming back for boot camp


    i am only 21 years also in need of the training (BMW).WHAT DO IDO

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