Students Bring The Light

Honduras Report:

Progress of current work projects:
Last week, we had from two to four students each day helping Kathy do the annual inventory. Six students have been alternating different days in digging—we are making two new needed septic tanks. Finally, three students have been alternating with the tents, checking each one to see if they are missing anything or need to be fixed, and then categorizing them. This week, we started with one group of seven students who are working in the coffee field, weeding and fertilizing; and the other group of seven students is helping Mr. Armando (Chico’s father) pour the cement pillars for the platform that will hold our water tank.

 Local outreach progress:
We divided the students into four groups for this term, here are their reports from this past weekend, Saturday Feb. 28th and Sunday March 1st:
Casitas — working with a man who is starting a church there: We visited four different homes, three of them were Catholic and the fourth was Christian. We shared God’s Word with all of them and encouraged them to attend church. The next day, we went around inviting the children to come to Sunday School. We were surprised to have 51 children in attendance! We played games, sang songs, did a drama, and the pastor shared a lesson about obedience. When SS was over, we went to visit another Catholic lady who says she wants to come to church.
San Isidro — working with the children while their parents receive nutrition classes. We had 17 children with us. We introduced our names, then sang songs, Ana shared a message from God’s Word, and then we played games. Brayan and Gabriel shared the plan of salvation with two older teenagers who came to see what they were doing.
Santa Cruz Church — doing evangelism and helping out with the youth group – [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]during the time of evangelism, one teenage boy prayed to receive Jesus![/pullquote] The next day, we normally would be helping with the Sunday School class, but that day, they were fasting, so the pastor asked us to be ready, because he wants us to help him to train youth who are based in God’s Word and who will be able to take over after the students are no longer there.
Santa Cruz School — the idea is to share Christ with all those who are attending the GED programs, whether it be through a message or a prayer before class starts, or just one on one at break time. On Saturday, we were told we needed to get a letter, explaining what we want to do, and turn it in so they could decide. On Sunday, Roger asked one of the teachers if he could share a short message and the teacher said yes. Afterwards, the teacher asked Roger if he could begin each of his classes with a prayer! Also, Arnold shared Christ with someone during break time.


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