Students Sharing the Gospel

Honduras Weekly Report 

We have had an interesting week. On Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment in Siguatepeque, 1 1/2 hours from here, and early Wednesday morning, we had an appointment to renew Abi’s passport at the embassy in Tegucigalpa, 2 hours past that. So, instead of returning here on Tuesday, we continued on to Tegucigalpa and stayed the night at Chico’s mother’s house. Thanks to God, all went well, both at the doctor’s and also with the passport. We came back on Wednesday, and Chico was only here long enough to let the car cool down and to repack his backpack, and he was off to his classes in San Pedro Sula!

As for the students, there is a great ministry opportunity, which is sharing values with elementary and high school kids through the open door of another ministry. The schools allow them to come in for one hour each week to share the program. The ministry had programmed to have the training for this on Wednesday and half day Thursday, and they asked if they could rent the Teen Missions facilities. We said yes, so it worked out quite nicely, actually. About 60 or 70 people came from other communities where there will be doing this, and all of our students participated in the training as well. They provided all the meals for everyone, which was very nice.

On the other days, the work time was divided between those who are working in the coffee fields, those who are organizing the tents, and others who were carrying blocks to the new septic tank so they can begin making the side walls, others who were fixing a fence that the wires had been cut by an outsider, reconstructing our pit for burnable garbage, and general cleaning.

Ministry Reports from last weekend:

Bella Vista: (This one was not included last week because it was not ready, they have just now started): Victor and Noe did evangelism in seven different homes. In one, there was a paralyzed girl and they prayed for her and the mother was very thankful. In another home, the lady had a Jehovah’s Witness Bible and so they promised to bring her a new Bible if she would give them that one. She said OK and was very thankful. The third was a Catholic household and while they were there evangelizing, a leader from the Catholic church came, and they evangelized him as well! In another home, they talked about baptism with a man who is in a wheelchair and really wants to get baptized. Finally, they visited a pool hall where they found a lady who was discouraged and they encouraged her to go to church and she said that she would. The students said they were happy to be able to be going to a place where there is so much spiritual need and there is no evangelical church.

Casitas: When we arrived on Saturday, we started by cleaning the church. Then we went out to do evangelism. One lady rededicated her life to the Lord! The next day, we helped out with Sunday School. This week, there were 70 children in attendance! Praise the Lord!
San Isidro: We went to the Nutrition Center and they gave Marielena time to share with the women. Brayan and Gabriel were with the kids. They used the evangelistic cube to share the Gospel and then they played games. There were 15 children in attendance.
Santa Cruz Church: We went to seven different homes. At one home, we found that the couple had been attending a church that is a sect. In talking to them more, we found out that they had left the church because of problems. After sharing more with them, both of them prayed with us to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!

Santa Cruz School: We have felt enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel with the youth at the high school, but the teachers have not yet given us permission to do it formally. However, we take advantage of the moments in the breaks. Kevin was talking to one young man who asked him for his phone number because he has felt confused and would like to know more about God. As we were leaving that day, Kevin got a phone call, and it was that man asking if we could go to his house and share about God with his family. We praise God because He has already started working in people’s lives! As of next week, we were told we would be given five minutes to share in each classroom—Praise the Lord!


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