Adams, Joshua & Sarah Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Joshua & Sarah Adams

My life, our life, your life has one purpose…..

Glorifying Our Lord Jesus Christ!

We all live here on earth for the sole purpose of serving Jesus Christ. God has given each of us a separate but equally important task. Some of you have been called to serve God in a secular workplace, some to minister in and through a church, others to preach on the streets! All important—one is not more important than the other! I admire those of you who are a testimony in your workplace; I praise the Lord for those serving with a church or other ministry; and I say hallelujah to those who are out in the streets sharing!

I am really excited when I think about all of you out there making huge differences here in America! Because that’s exactly what this nation needs—men and women living out their faith in the workplace, in the church and out on the street! Exciting!

Adams 4

Video Department Work Force


Well now, I should probably give you all an update! Sarah, Titus and I are doing well. Serving here at Teen Missions has been a blast and we look forward to the years we still have here! Regarding what we are doing here, I am still in the Video Department and Sarah is still working hard at home with Titus. Being able to use video to share what God is doing through Teen Missions has been such an awesome experience. I like to imagine Youtube and Facebook as this vast battle ground filled with enemies and when we get to post a video which brings glory to God it’s like dropping an atomic bomb on Satan’s work. Ha ha take that you foul beast! I’ve also been able to utilize my video skills within my church, as well as throughout the community. We are always looking for more ways to glorTitus 1ify God through video!


Sarah and I have also been making an effort to go out to share the Gospel on Saturdays. We’ve had some good conversations and some cold shoulders. It tears me up to see so many people who are unaware of the love of Christ or know, but don’t care. My soul cries out seeking some way to make them see. I pray that God will reach the people here in our community and all over the USA.


We often have the Bible School students over to the house. In fact, we are used to seeing at least two students come in and hang out every night. We enjoy their company and we hope that our open door is an encouragement to them. Right now the Bible School has 32 students and it will grow to the 40 this fall. We praise the Lord for this group of young men and women who have shown such a strong desire to serve God. Pray that God will provide for the students as they raise support for their summer teams.


We are also busy getting ready for the summer.  I can’t believe that summer is just around the bend. It seems like we just got back from last year’s trip. We are looking forward to meeting our team members and being able to share the Gospel at the Tri-state fairs in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky this year. Right now we have nine team members, and we are praying that the numbers go up! This is the busiest time of the year. In fact we just got the Big Top Tents up and ready!

Adams 2

Our new car!


Well I can’t identify any flying objects for you, but I can identify a Toyota Camry that was generously given to Sarah and me!! Our car broke down a couple of weeks ago, and we were quite worried because we had no way of getting a new car. However, God was awesome (as always) and provided us with a 1998 Toyota Camry through the generosity of a great couple from our church! We praise the Lord for all that He has done!



May 2nd will be our first AIDS Orphans Mud Run. We are all very excited to see how this turns out. All the proceeds will go to our AIDS Orphans and Street Children ministry. We are praying that we get a lot of registrations!


Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for our team that God will give us unity

2. Please pray for revival here in the USA

3. Please continue to pray for Joshua’s health

4. Please pray that God will continue to provide for us both spiritually and physically

5. Please pray for the BMW students to grow in the Lord

6. Pray for the 17 million orphans who have been orphaned due to AIDS


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