Petersen, Doug & Barb Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Petersen DB Staff Newsletter

And this Gospel of the kingdom

shall be preached in the whole world

for a witness to all nations,

and then the end shall come.

Matthew 24: 14

Dear Friends and Family,

In this newsletter we want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who pray for us and support us in so many ways.  I know others say this, but YOU really are the BEST.  We thank God for you and praise Him for the way He has used you to help us to do the work of the Lord in Zambia.  To God alone be the Glory!

IMG_0124We have some stories to share with you this time.  One of my tasks, besides teaching God’s Word, is to send reports to the home base.  I have shared one or two with you in the past. But I have been blessed typing these recently, and I believe you will also enjoy seeing what God is doing in the lives of individuals in the rural areas.  If you could be out there you would see that God is bringing in people from the highways and the byways so that His table will be full.  These stories were written by our Motorcycle Circuit Riders (graduates of ours)  who go around to seven places each week.  Then they start over the next week, visiting each one again.  I will leave the stories in their words just as they wrote them in their reports.

By Lackstone Mulenga and Alex Bwalya on the Steele Circuit

*Woman begins to hear

This happened as we just finished Sunday School that there was this woman who came trembling asking for the medicine. What surprised us was that she was just deaf. Little did we know that she was not hearing. She did not know any sign language either. But she was willing to have prayer for healing. This problem has been with her for 10 years. It was getting worse and she can even go into a place with a hammer mill (a grinding mill)  and not hear it running. But she cannot hear and so we wondered how can she believe with her heart and confess with her mouth and be healed. But what we did is to believe in God as her healer, that His healing power will take place. We thank God for the miracle that has happened in her life.  She came testifying that she has started to hear some voices only if you should shout from the top of your voice.

*Drunkards lives changed

It was on a Friday night that Lackstone and I had the same dream that drunkards were coming to ask help from us. Then upon reaching this place we saw a drunk man coming to our motor bike. This man almost started trouble with us. In a short time another drunk man came and we remembered the dream and thanked God for His goodness. We calmly told the men to sit down so that we can have a talk with them about what the Bible says in Galatians 5: 19-20, that those who practice this will not be saved or in the kingdom of God. One of them said, “Immediately I saw it come into my mind that I should come to you so we are willing to change from this kind of life.” We thank God that this week they did show up to church. Pray for these men for God to continue to change their lives. Praise God for your support of us in prayer and finances.

*Children want witness with boldness

This week was so good. There are these three kids who are punctual and always come to Sunday School. They are the ones who clean up the classroom. They said that today after cleaning we are going to evangelize to this man who happens to be a great witch in Kapepa. This man had even wanted to kill  the local Chief and this man is where these kids wanted to go to witness. At the end of Sunday School we asked them where they got the courage. They said it was from Romans 8:1,2 that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus so nothing can happen to us. These children are the ones who arranged for the day to go to witness. They are trusting in the Lord. Praise God for what He is doing in their lives, giving them new boldness.

*Children motivated by the lesson

It feels so good to see the activeness of some kids. Benson was 13 years old and has made us feel happy. This happened when we just finished hearing about how Jesus helps the families more especially those that are in need and those who are going through hardships. In the lesson, I told them to act upon the Word. One of our Sunday School kids said, “I know a person we should help and he is an old one.”  So we went to his place and asked if we could do some work, cleaning, sweeping, fetching some water and washing the plates. This man was 75 years old and there was no one to help him. After we helped him,  he told us that he almost gave up because he is tired with this kind of life. But this man was appreciating and saying that he is ok now and he is thanking us for the work that the Sunday School is doing. Praise God for the children who want to do God’s Word when they hear it. Thank you for helping us to accomplish these things.

By Steve Kasoma and Richard Ndesula on the Sims Circuit.

*Boy healed who has never walked

One young boy by the name of Makoza is 8 years old. This boy is very clever but since he was born he never walked. In the 8 years he had never walked.  He can stand but he cannot make a step. His legs were strong and he was crawling and he was growing. But he didn’t walk. One bright Sunday afternoon Makoza was sick and his mother brought him to Sunday School to get him some medicine. Before we gave any to him, we prayed for him. While we were praying he started crying loudly. He shouted, “It is going to kill me. It’s going to kill me!” We asked him, “What is going to kill you?” He was not answering. Then he said, “It is gone.” We gave him the medicine. The following day, Monday morning, the mother went to the field for weeding and when she came home she found Makoza walking around. She failed to believe her eyes. She said that she went out quickly from the bedroom holding her head and when she went back again, he followed her out. She was crying and called her neighbors to come and see what the Lord has done. “I thought maybe it is for a moment. But it is permanent,” she said. She went to our Sunday School secretary to get our cellphone numbers and she called us to share the good news. We praise God and thanked Him together for this boy’s healing.

Thank  you, for joining your hands with ours 

as we labor together in His harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matthew 6: 33 & Gal. 2: 20


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