Ayers, Bryan & Dawn Newsletter (Spring 2015)

AyersDear Family and Friends,

The heat is on…in more ways than one. The temperature has scaled the thermometers to over 90 degrees a few times already, even before May. I get a little grumpy at 80 degrees, so we have definitely crossed the line. Down here in Florida the heat is a sure sign of spring, but it also is a sure sign that it’s getting close for hundreds of teenagers to come for the Lord’s Boot Camp and summer team travel.

Here We Go

You may have read previously that our family will be separated all over the world this summer. Dawn and I, Grace, Benjamin and Caleb will fly south, not too far, to the country of Trinidad. This team of Preteens will build a security wall for Triumphant Ministries. Jonathan is going to work, not only for the summer but for a year, to provide clean drinking water in several Malawian villages. Abby will be sent to Evansville to secure and give tours through our life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. Luke is going to adventure through the hills and valleys of Madagascar with a team who will be teaching Sunday schools to many children and adults in remote villages. Hannah will be holding down the fort with Bella, our dog, at the house we just recently bought in Cocoa, FL.

Moved In

front of houseboys out backAnother new address,” you’re asking? Yes, another new one, but hopefully one that will remain for a long time (See the address in the box below). After five months of searching, we are finally in our house whih is not far off the Indian River, on the mainland side. It has only three bedrooms, but they are bigger than average. The porch can be closed in and our garage has been walled off for more room as call home.well. We love the quiet neighborhood and the short drive to Teen Missions. The kids and the dog have lots of room in the backyard too. We are grateful that the Lord has provided us the ability to have a place to 

Running For Orphans

At Teen Missions, we just had a Mud Run to raise funds for our partner ministry AIDS Orphans and Street Children. Just over 350 runners converged at the Lord’s Boot Camp on May 2 to not only run the muddy course, but also to provide needed care at our Orphan Rescue Units. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and we had many opportunities to share what Teen Missions does with people who did not know much, if anything, about what we do here and around the world.

At The Florida Headqua11000706_10152848102698457_817088550022808282_nrters

Dawn continues to work in finance which handles recording and verifying donations, database entries and expenses. In the Personnel Department, I keep track of staff information and needs of staff around the world. Volunteers that come in for Boot Camp as well as the rest of the year are connected through my department also.

Around The World

Most people that know of Teen Missions think about the summer mission trips that we do from the United States, but there is so much more. Dawn and I work primarily here in the U.S. in support of both the headquarter and overseas operations.

The Boot Camp and teams are currently going on in the Philippines. The last report shows over 800 decisions for Christ in both team members and to those whom they are reaching through their ministries. At the same time, 88 decisions for Christ were made at the Zambia Boot Camp. Around the world, we at Teen Missions are working to build the kingdom of God and prepare young people to continue to do the same. Even some of the orphans that have grown up under our orphan ministries have participated on teams, been trained in our Bible schools and now serve Christ full-time.


I know you can see the value in the work going on here at Teen Missions. We are so grateful for those who have partnered with us in prayer and giving to make it all continue. I hesitate to mention money all the time, but God may lead someone who sees the value to participate with us in prayer and/or giving. The coupon below can be used to indicate the involvement you are choosing. If you already are involved with us, there’s no need to fill it out again. If you would like to start, then fill in the information requested. The line on the right is the place to tell us for whom you would like to give. You can circle the appropriate name: “Ayers Family” indicates our general support for serving here at Teen Missions full time, “Children” indicates support for the teams that our children are on this summer and “Jonathan” will go to his work in Africa for the next year. So many have come alongside us in support of the variety of ministries here and we are thankful. Our support is just under 50% as of yet. Don’t forget to check the “prayer partner” box if you pray regularly for us.

Connecting In Person

Big Top day 2015From August 16 through September 6, 2015 we will be in Missouri to share what God has been doing through Teen Missions and in us over the last year. If you would like to have us share at your church or with your family, please contact us soon. In a month’s time we will be into the long days at The Lord’s Boot Camp and travel on our summer team.

We would really like to have a few friends that would invite family and friends over for a “Missions at My House Event”. This is inviting people over that share your passion for missions, and we would be able to share with a smaller group. It makes it much more interactive, and helps us to meet people that we may not normally be able to because we have limited time for churches. Let us know.

There are so many blessings that we can see in our lives from the hand of God in these days. You are one of them. We thank God for you and pray His blessings for you, too.

Bryan, Dawn, Jonathan, Abby, Hannah, Luke, Grace, Benjamin and Caleb


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