Bice, Les & Cathy Newsletter (Spring 2015)


Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

It has been a very exciting and very interesting year. Cathy has been very busy in the Finance Department.  Teen Missions currently runs 32 bases overseas. As you can imagine with that many bases running, there is a huge amount of country finances that need to be audited.  So Cathy’s job of auditing these finances is never ending.  I have been kept busy in the Video Department preparing the sound equipment for the upcoming Boot Camps.  A lot of work goes into preparing the Big Top Tents for sound and the speakers around the property.  We spent April 9th putting up all four of the Big Top Tents.

Last summer, we led a team of preteens to Indiana to assist TTT Ministries with their Summer Fair Share program. This was quite the trip. We knew the Fair Share Program was tough, but when you go to the county fairs to witness for Christ to people who are just at the fairs to see the shows and ride the rides, it can be a difficult and frustrating task. Even with all the negative responses, we still had many people accept the TTT Saturday Night RallyLord as their Savior. That was the BMW's at TTT rallyblessings that the Lord gave us. The director, George Dooms, kept us quite busy with the Fair Shares, starting in the early afternoon and going into the night.  The daily schedule on this type of team is very different than a regular summer team because our ministry is done during the evenings; therefore our sleep schedule and daily class schedule has to be adjusted as well.  It was also a blessing to take along the first-year BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW) students. Their help at the fairs was a real blessing. We were also given plenty of opportunities to witness at several of the local churches. Usually on Sundays the team split up because George had us going in different directions with two services at the same time.

TTT outdoor chapel 2The trip was not all work, we had plenty of other activities to keep us going. A friend of George Dooms owns a farm and was gracious to invite the team over for a day of fun. There was plenty of food, along with swimming and even some horseback riding. This was a very special blessing for all. I believe that the BMW students enjoyed it even more than the team. It gave the students time to just relax after their schooling and all the Boot Camp work that was required of them. We also ate at the Log Inn (where President Lincoln ate). Then on the way back to Florida, we stopped at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This was a very interesting place to visit. There we got the Biblical view of history, not the worldly ideas of history.

As of now, we are scheduled to lead another team to Indiana this summer. This time it will be with teenagers. We are looking forward to the trip. Please begin now praying for the teens and leaders.  Please pray that we would be bold about sharing God’s Word and that all those who hear will come to Him.  This year TTT will also be hosting the Old Testament Tabernacle so please pray for those George Rogers Clark Museumwho will come to hear about Christ by taking the tour.

Thank You for all your prayers.

In His Name,

Les and Cathy


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