Bobb, Shannon & Vikki Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Bobb Staff NewsletterThere is certainly no time for idleness around here these days. We are gearing up for the arrival of over 600 team members and leaders that are serving on teams this summer. The Big Top tents are going up and we are preparing everything for Boot Camp that starts June 6. Every year we are shocked at how soon summer arrives again. It seems like the in-between months keep getting busier and busier. This year, Teen Missions is hosting a 5K Mud Run and Open House to benefit AIDS Orphans. It will be held May 2 here on the property. We are hoping for a huge turnout!


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Vikki’s brother, Jon Mark, taking the tractor, for it’s first run

I (Shannon) just arrived back from a two week trip in Ecuador. I traveled with four other adults (including Vikki’s brother, Mark) to our base in Latacunga. I brought Mark along to help get the van and tractor running. I had tried to get them working last year, but was unsuccessful. This year we determined that the van is not repairable and after several attempts at finding parts for a 40 year old Chinese-made tractor, we were able to get it running and moving! Our Ecuador staff did a real “Happy Dance” when the tractor started rolling! It was a real blessing to be able to serve on the team with Mark. I am so thankful he could arrange to leave his business and go help. Our team also did some maintenance and work around the base and worked with the students and the children’s ministry there. The highlight of our experience was seeing one of our team members, a young man from Colorado,  accept Christ!  It was a blessed time of ministry, but I am so glad to be back home.

A week after returning back the US and I am packing to leave again to set up the Old Testament Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. It will be located at the Atlanta Hope Center from May through October. Please pray that we will be able to get everything in place smoothly and without incident.

Vikki has been busy keeping up with the BMW students and getting ready for the graduation ceremony. We have 14 students being commissioned for their year of internship. There are 11 interns graduating after completing their three years of schooling and work training and their year of internship. This will be the largest graduation ceremony we have ever had. What a privilege it is to watch these young people grow in their walk with the Lord and become clay in the Master’s hands. Pray for our 32 students as they prepare for summer ministry. It is definitely a time of growing and stretching.



The children smiling despite their circumstances

10408088_906910062707232_8204794857896180612_nVikki and I are scheduled to lead a team of teens to Nepal this summer. We have 24 teens signed up to go with us. We know that there will be so much for our team to do. As we watch the news and hear news from Kathmandu after the recent earthquake, our hearts are broken for the people there and the devastation all around them. Please pray that our team will be able to accomplish much as we go to help with the relief effort. We will be going to Mendies Haven, a home for children in Kathmandu. Their buildings only sustained minor damage during the quake, but the neighborhood around them was hit hard. The children there are amazingly resilient and as I write this, they are still living outside, sleeping in tents. The country has experienced over 60 strong aftershocks and it is still not safe to enter buildings, but look at the smiles on the children’s faces as they sleep together in makeshift shelters. We are so eager to return to Kathmandu and encourage these believers. It will be a challenging summer for sure and we will need the prayers of all of you as we go. Please pray for safety and good health for our team.

We also need prayer the remainder of our finances for Maddie and Zoe to serve on our Nepal team. They still need to raise over $3500.00 together. The total cost for the both of them for the team is $ 6400.00 so we are over halfway there! God has always provided and we are believing that He will raise up our support team again. He is always faithful!



The staff at Mendies’ Haven making tarps from rice sacks


One of the make-shift tents for the children at Mendies’ Haven

We are excited to announce that Canaan is now a full-time missionary with Teen Missions!  His official start date was May 1, 2015.  He is still working to raise the remainder of his support. His team to Russia was canceled but he is still planning to travel to Russia at the end of June and stay for three months to help with the Boot Camp there. Russian Visas only allow him to stay for 90 days and then he must leave for 90 days. His plans are to return to the US at the end of September and then go back to Russia next spring for another 90 days to help with Boot Camps again. We are praying for him to make a contact that will help him obtain a work visa so he can stay for longer lengths of time. Please continue to pray for his health.   He has had three seizures recently that have been brought on by a medication change.

Thank you so much for partnering with us! Your encouragement, support and prayers sustain us!  We are so very grateful for each one of you and we thank God every day for you!

In  Christ,

The Bobb Family


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