Chale, Dave & Janet Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Chale Staff Newsletter

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may

dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon

the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.

Psalm 27: 4

Dear Family and Friends,

DSC00084David, Michael and I are sending you Easter warm greetings from Mangochi base here in Malawi—the “Warm Heart of Africa” We are very glad to send this greeting to you with a big smile because we are among the people who have graciously enjoyed the precious fruits of the first quarter of 2015 which happens also to be the only rainy season of Malawi. A million more people wanted to be alive, but the Lord took them. The only reason why we stand here today, is because He has a different purpose for our lives.

We want to thank you for your prayers for us because without it we would not stand here today. A lot of you have remained steadfast, praying and financially supporting our ministry here in Mangochi. We are so proud today to say that we stand here faithfully serving the living God because there are faithful supporters out there. The only reason why we exist today in this tough mission field is because your thoughts are always with us here.

Sunday School Ministry

The year 2015 has already proven to us that it is a special year of blessings. Our ministry is continuing to stretch out to the areas that are neglected, the areas that the Gospel ofDSC00271 Jesus has not reached yet. Our Motorcycle Sunday School Missions (MSSM) Circuit Riders are taking this wonderful news of Jesus Christ to these forsaken villages.  Village heads are continuing to open up new doors for the ministry of MSSM to get into their villages. Just a month ago villagers of Mdoka cried for a Sunday School in their village. We were shocked at the pressure they perpetually gave us. We are talking about the village that is predominantly Islamic. We have finally taken the Gospel to their village. This is now our second week carrying out Sunday School lessons in the village of Mdoka and an average of 60 people are attending the classes.

Over the past three months, we have continued carrying out our different ministries with our students. We are reaching out to all surrounding villages with our door-to-door evangelism. Students are grouped in three and sent out in the villages to share the love of Jesus Christ. Every Saturday evening we also conduct an open-air outreach at Heart of Faith Rescue Unit which is in the village of Chikwatu. We also do the same down here at the BMW base in the village of Machemba. What we do is switch every week; this week we would be at Chikwatu and then the following week we will be at Machemba. Usually it is a two-hour service. An average of 100 people attend at Chikwatu and an average of 60 people at Machemba village.

Bible Study

I am also doing the Bible study lessons with the ladies. This time I am being assisted by our intern whose name is Beatrice Chabvula.  At times Margaret Masantche, the wife to Anthony the facilitator of Heart Of Faith Rescue Unit, helps as well. We currently have a class of 15 people. Over the end of last year we almost had none coming to attend classes because the ladies expected to learn how to read and writeDSC00276 also.  In the beginning of this year we introduced the literacy classes also and that has improved the attendance and the excitement of the class. Before we were carrying out classes once a week, but because of this we added another day to make it two. We are therefore doing classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Praise God that most of these ladies were not able to read or write, but now are able. I am excited to mention names of some ladies who are doing extremely very well—Jangale Labana, Saujatu Mkwanda, Patuma Silumba and Angella Kazembe. More prayers would be appreciated for all the ladies.

Sports Ministry

We have also been doing sports ministry. Our BMW students usually are mingled with boys and girls of the villages around here and form a team to play other teams. People around here love sports very much and therefore whenever there are any sports activity a lot of people are drawn out of their homes in large numbers to watch. We have used these chances to reach people. Normally before any sport activity is started one student shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. We have managed to take the Gospel to the villages of Mosiya, Manse and Liwale. Over these sports outreach ministries, around 5,000 people have been reached with the Gospel in the past three months.


Our students are doing very well. We opened this term on January 12th with 15 students; 10 guys and 5 girls. Among these 15 students, seven are in their second year and they will be commissioning this coming August for their year of internship.  These students are doing very well in ministry. Praise God that we have a student body that has the passion for the lost souls. We are so thankful to all those who are supporting the Mangochi ministry here in Malawi. This school is like a lone lump set on top of the mountain which is hovered by a thick darkness. When you support this ministry you are actually adding more illumination to this small lump that more darkness would be dispersed.

The students have also been doing very well in work training. Over the past three months, we have been repairing our staff house that was on the property when we bought the property. The house was built long ago with mud and the foundation was very shallow. In the beginning of the rainy season we received a heavy downpour that caused a lot more damages to many more houses in this village and many more villages in Malawi. Two main walls of the house completelyDSC00042 fell down. Due to that we embarked on rebuilding the walls and all finishing work. We are now finished and it is looking solid. Praise God because nobody was hurt when it fell off. We have also added a kitchen to it because in the beginning it was not there.

Ministry Opportunities 

Finally, once again we would like to thank all our prayer and financial supporters for the great part you are playing in our ministry here in Malawi. You have remained faithful in praying for us and of course financially supporting us.  In the same manner, we also want to appeal for more financial support to the ministries that we are doing. We are more than compelled to open up many Sunday School locations as the door seems to be open now.

We desperately need not less than two Sunday School Circuits this year. The need is overwhelming and the response generally is encouraging. There is a window of opportunity to get the Gospel to these needy Islamic communities. The world is currently experiencing a rise in Islamic violence and that has not reached Malawi yet, but we can all sense it coming. Before we are overtaken by it, our desire is to run tirelessly spreading the love of Jesus Christ wherever muslims are here in Malawi. You can be part of this crusade just by financially supporting our ministry here in Mangochi, Malawi.We are also appealing for more monthly financial support. Our needs are continuing to grow. Our son Michael IMG_2208will be going to a different school for his senior primary school examinations. These examinations will promote him from primary school into secondary school. We are in need of $900.00 per year to cover his school fees for September 2015 through July 2016. We are therefore asking for sacrificial  gifts toward that. We would also appreciate any gift toward our monthly or one-time support. If you would like to support our ministry here Mangochi or us as missionaries log in at or call TMI Florida, USA on 321-453-0350 and ask for more information.

We pray for more blessings to you.


1) Progress on the Chiyao BMW construction

2) Growth of the school

3) Praise God because of the full MSSM Circuit

4) Provision of our daily needs

5) Prayer and financial support


1) Safety as we work on the building

2) More prayer and financial supporters

3) Safety for the MSSM Circuit Riders

4) Upcoming Boot Camp in July through August

5) Pray for two more Sunday School Circuits sponsorships

In Christ’s Service,

David, Janet and Michael Chale

Psalm 27:4


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