Chicas, Chico & Kathy Newsletter (Spring 2015)

_MG_7358Dear Friends and Family,

Here it is spring time already. The time is just flying, isn’t it? In Honduras, we have been blessed with some beautiful weather this year; and in this letter, we would like to share how God has blessed Teen Missions Honduras in many other ways.

As mentioned in our last prayer letter, we now have the results of the teams from Boot Camp, and we can share what God did through each of them. The Comayagua Team, the only team with a construction project, was able to complete a church made of adobe bricks, some made by the team members themselves. The Intibucá Team hiked approximately 35 miles (in 16 days) doing evangelism in

Comayagua Church Construction

Comayagua Church Construction

four different villages in the mountains. The Santa Elena team held VBS at a children’s home, as well as doing small painting and landscaping projects for them, and also did evangelism in the park. The team that was in La Ceiba did door-to-door evangelism every day and also had the opportunity to rebuild a bamboo wall in a very poor neighborhood. Between the four teams, there were 181 children and adults who made the decision to trust in Jesus Christ for their Salvation! Praise God! Please pray for these new believers, that they will persevere in the Lord. A highlight each year is during Debrief when all the teams return to the base for three days to report on their project time. We have a service where the team members are challenged to make commitments to serve the Lord full time. This year forty-eight members and leaders responded. Please pray for them also, that God would keep this commitment forefront in their minds so they will be faithful to fulfill it.  

Spring Term Student Body

Spring Term Student Body

The final result that we pray for each year is for new students to come to the Bible School. Praise the Lord for the six new students who joined the eight returning students, giving us fourteen for this term! They have already been hard at work in their classes, during the afternoon work time, and in the weekend ministries. Please join us in praying for them, that they would be willing to receive the training and that they would not be hindered from going where God would call them to serve Him when they are finished here.

Over spring break we had the delightful blessing of having Adam Summerfelt and his son, Micah, with us. They worked hard to tile the floor of one of our cabins—and they finished! It looks great and we are thankful for it. They also brought the funds so that we could purchase new PVC and build a platform to hold the water tank. The students were able to dig the ditches to lay the pipes in and soon we should be connected to……real running water! Besides the projects, our family and the students had joyous times of fellowship with a brother in the Lord. Thank you for your visit, Adam and Micah!

Some special news that most of you probably already know is that we are expecting a baby! There were some complications early in the pregnancy, but everything seems to be going great now. We don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl, but the baby is due in August.

Intibuca Evangelism

Intibuca Evangelism

We are still planning our trip to Oregon—in fact, by the time you receive this, we will probably already be there! The dates we plan to be there are April 25 to May 25. Daniel and Samuel are signed up to go on teams with Teen Missions this summer—Daniel to the Philippines and Samuel to Bangladesh. We mentioned in our last letter, but would like to remind those of you who live in Oregon, that Daniel and Samuel are looking for odd jobs that they may be able to do to earn some money for their missions trips.

“Why we do what we do”;  After each Boot Camp is over, we like to share a few of the testimonies from those who participated on teams. This way, you can see the impact that your sacrificial giving and your prayers are having.

La Ceiba Street Evangelism

La Ceiba Street Evangelism

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate on a Teen Missions team. I had no idea that I was living such a comfortable life. Thank you for forming my character and showing me how a Christian really should live!” Nery Lagos

“It was a very special experience. Not only did I get to learn how to make adobe blocks out of mud, but also I was able to discover the need for Jesus that so many people have.” Victor Ariel Escobar

“I give thanks to God for the opportunity He gave me to be a leader in this Boot Camp. I learned that Teen Missions doesn’t only train team members, but leaders as well. God taught me how to work with people who have personalities different than my own. He taught me the importance that a leader be an example. Thank you Teen Missions for the rules and discipline, it helps me a lot in my personal and spiritual life.” Arnold Menocal

Our prayer for you, as well as for us, the students, team members, etc., is that we will all “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 3:14

May God bless you as you continue to be a blessing,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, Abigail, and baby Chicas 🙂

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