Kostner, Paul & Beth Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Kostner Staff Newsletter

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen;

it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

Colton 14FAITH – One would think that I would have FAITH down pat, but it is an issue that I continue to struggle with at times. About the time I think I have incorporated it in my life, something comes up that reminds me that I still struggle. A couple of months ago I had a breast cancer scare. Thankfully, everything was benign, but what if it hadn’t been? Would I have still had the FAITH that God was in control? I would hope so, but…We told you in our last prayer letter that our support had been down for several months. I wish I could say that my FAITH in that matter was where it should be at all times, but there are/were times I still struggled. By the way, thank you so much to those who responded! It was like God was saying, “Quit worrying! I have you!” FAITH…

The Big Tops Tents Colton 2are up. With the help of a work group and many of the staff kids who skipped school, four tents were put up in one day! I am afraid to blink because I know that Boot Camp is just around the corner! We have over 670 registered team members and leaders for this coming summer and kids are still registering! Please pray for wisdom for Paul and me as we deal with the parents, many of whom had never heard of us until this year. FAITH…

Our kids are getting more excited about their teams. They are already interacting with other team members on Facebook. BJ begins on June 6, and Colton and Danae begin on June 27. It has been exciting to watch their support come in and we are so thankful to those who have given so sacrificially and to those who have committed to pray for them. Please pray as they still need about $2500 to be fully funded. Paul and I are still scheduled to serve on summer staff. Right now, we have a very small group of people who will be with us here this summer. FAITH…

We are excited to announce the High School graduation of Colton Alexander Kostner from Merritt Island High School on May 22! It is so hard to believe that he is graduating! We are so proud of the young man that he has become. Please pray for wisdom for him in these next few weeks. During our recent short “college road trip”, he visited and fell in love with Bryan College and would like to attend there and major in journalism. We were pleasantly surprised at the financial aid package they offered him. The only drawback is that he has to come up with $4000. He is frantically applying for scholarships. It looks like an impossibility to me, but I have seen God work a lot of miracles. FAITH…

I know it may sound redundant, but we are so thankful for the part you play in our ministry. Your prayers and financial support are vital in so many ways. We love what we are doing and are so thankful that your gifts and prayers allow us to be a part of this ministry.

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostne


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