Likambo, Godwill Newsletter (Spring 2015)

 Untitled-1I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am called Likambo Godwill. I was born 30th September 1986 and will be 30 years this September. I have one brother by the name of Franco and we were brought up by our mother, Joyce Adril. We had a lot of struggles growing up without a fatherly figure and love in our lives, but I thank God for our mother who did all she could to raise us and give us the best she could.

I joined Teen Missions International (TMI) in Uganda in April 2012 after finishing my Bachelors in Information Technology. I joined as a volunteer with the hope of getting a job because I was in need at the time. My mother happened to be working within Koboko and came in contact with Collins who was working at the Koboko base. He introduced her to TMI and she thought it would be a good idea for me to volunteer at the Koboko base. Collins thought it would be better to volunteer at the Nakabango base. After giving a call to the coordinator at the time, I was welcomed to come at any time. My mum relayed the news to me and I figured that it wasn’t good for me to be so idle; I packed my bags and arrived not sure what to expect.

After being welcomed by the Kabwata Family, they told me that I could volunteer for three months and then re-evaluate whether or not I could stay. I started work immediately, but the next few weeks were difficult for me. I contemplated leaving, but I knew that if I quit, I would quit anytime things became hard for me. After being there a short time, Mr. Nelson joined as the coordinator. When my three months were almost up, Madame Kathy and Nelson called me for a meeting. I was asked to introduce myself and what my plans were for the future. I introduced myself to them and explained that I was ready and willing to work for TMI. I thought that if one had good papers and was considered hard working, then they would be considered for a job. To my surprise, they told me that my chances of being employed would be much better if I had gone through their program. That’s when they introduced the idea of joining the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center.

When this was first suggested to me, I had a negative attitude. I had just finished university classes and didn’t want to enter back into that hectic lifestyle again. It also demoralized me to think that I was coming from a Bachelor’s program to a diploma program. My pride kept me from seeing it as a positive situation. Mr. Nelson assured me that the time would fly by and that it would benefit me in the future. After taking three days to think and pray about it, I accepted the opportunity.

I was made class president at my first orientation and continued in that position for my two years as a student. Sometimes I wanted to refuse the position because of the challenges that arose and the amount of clashing that occurred with fellow students. Sometimes it felt lonely. However, looking back, I am thankful for the opportunity to be trained as a leader and face struggles at every level.

I finished my classes and began my internship in August 2014. As I look back, I thank God for the opportunities that have been presented to me because of Teen Missions. I thank God for the encouragement I have received from Mr. Nelson, Innocent and the O’Hara’s. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach some of my fellow classmate as an intern. And I am thankful for Miss Kathy for allowing me to work with Teen Missions. I am happy to be a part of the vision to improve the lives of youth and lead the lost to Christ. I am now on the staff of Teen Missions Uganda and am grateful to be a part of this wonderful work.  

Yours Truly,



Wisdom and knowledge of leadership

God’s provision in my life

Good health and protection


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