MacPherson, Todd & Rosemary Newsletter (Spring 2015)

MacPhersonDear Friends,

It is a blessing to share with you what is going on here at the Canada office.

Mission conferences

We are done! We imagined that winter would be a season of calm and not much to do, but with the promotions that we’re doing, we kept ourselves occupied. In seven months of work, from September to March, Teen Missions in Canada visited 16 different places ranging from homeschool conferences, missions conferences, and Christian schools. We made lots of good contacts and we hope that they will grow in the years to come. We currently have 30 Canadians signed up to go on IMG_1077teams as of this writing (4-22-2015). Your prayers for God’s provision for each and every one of them would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all that have prayed for safety. I KNOW your prayers make a difference. On one recent promotions trip, the Teen Missions in Canada van started to die, complete with a blinking engine light. By God’s grace it made it to a little town where they pronounced its imminent death. Thankfully, Teen Missions in Canada was approved for a new van. We are very grateful to have a new 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan for Teen Missions in Canada!

Summer/ Camp Plans

IMG_0347The snow has melted! That means we now have a swamp down at the camp that will not dry completely until mid to late May. The middle of the camp collects water like nobody’s business. So, though most places in town are dry, the camp is not. We are looking forward to May and this summer when we plan to do more maintenance and repair on the camp to get it closer to being ready to run as a retreat centre.  

Gramps “Promotion” to Heaven

In late March, Todd’s grandpa, Marvin MacPherson, had the privilege of going to heaven to join his wife and Heavenly Father. He will be missed, though it was his time. On March 30th, we had the privilege of celebrating his life and observing the strong legacy of his faith in God that was passed to his children, grandchildren and friends. It was wonderful to get the chance to see the lives that Grandpa MacPherson touched. He truly was a great servant of God.

IMG_1144Family Wedding

Though our family lost one loved one, we have gained many more. My (Rosemary) sister (Naomi) married Ben Vaughan on April 18th. It was a busy and fun week before the wedding. It involved going to the beach and a train museum, wandering around downtown for an afternoon, setting up the reception and having photos for hours. My sister wanted to spend time with the kids and me and not think about her wedding stuff for the first bit of the week, so we had fun. The last few days involved many late nights and early mornings, but it was worth it all to see the smile on her face.

We also had a happy reunion of the Nightingale (Rosemary’s) family. All of us siblings have not been together since 2008. So, though it was only for one day, the whole Nightingale side of our family was together.  

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of our family and ministry.  We appreciate you greatly.

In Christ,

– Todd and Rosemary MacPherson

+ Shemar, Kara

2 Cor. 12:9-10


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