Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Sibanda, C&S 2010Greetings to all our Friends and Family!

The wound pains the one who has the wound. We are so grateful for the work which was accomplished on the Cross of Calvary. Today even us who are not wealthy can be called a child of God.

During our national Boot Camp, it was amazing to see young boys and girls getting helped coming out from Satanism. I was a leader on the Mutoko Team, whereas Sipho was a leader on the Mtshabezi Team. It was amazing to see what God can do through people if you allow him to use you.

DSCF9427The Mutoko Team was a work and evangelistic team. We dug the foundations and poured the pillars and helped the pastor with weeding his field and did evangelism, too. We were blessed.

The Mtshabezi Team looked after the property. They planted the fields, did weeding and looked after the project of the school which is chickens.  They were also able to do some evangelism, too. It was amazing what can God do through young boys and girls.

Our family did great because all of us participated in the work of God in many ways. Hope and Delight are so much a part of what is happening around us. Hope
DSCF9449is at the Secondary level, whereas Delight is at the Primary level. These two girls are a bit different. The young one does not like sporting, while the older sister earned two gold medals and one silver from running events.

We really appreciate the support that you are offering to this family. If you want to give towards Hope’s fees for school, you may send it to Teen Missions International, 885 East Hall Road, Merritt Island, Florida 32953-8418. Mark it as fees for Hope. We really appreciate what you send. We hope and trust the Lord will bless you all who have helped this family to continue serving God with this ministry.

Prayer Requests:

1. Strengthen through the struggle as we lead the BMW as coordinator

2. Wisdom

3. Provision of the borehole and a new pump

4. Growth of the students

5. Good health for both students and staff

6. Provision of Hope’s school fees

Claimet, Sipho, Hope & Delight Sibanda

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