Lane, Bob & Betty Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Lane Staff NewsletterDear Family and Friends,

Betty & Desiree

Betty and I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus! Hallelujah, He is Risen!

We want to thank you for your prayers for us. My (Bob’s) surgery went well, but not without pain. Dr. Matuck went in through the front of my neck and removed the ruptured disc between the third and fourth vertebrae. He then replaced the disc and fused the two vertebrae together with a metal plate. My healing time is six weeks. I couldn’t drive for a week and I have to be careful not to lift over five pounds. Betty and I want to thank our Bible class and staff ladies for the nice meals they brought us. We enjoyed them very much.

Easter was a nice day for us. We had dinner with our grandchildren. We were blessed when we saw 20 Easter lilies bloom in our flower garden. It reminds us of our new birth in Christ.

It has been over a year since Betty and I have been to church (or to Teen Missions), but we watch a few services on TV. At Teen Missions we hear they have put up the Big Top Tents, and are preparing for the 600 plus team members and leaders who will come to Boot Camp. Betty and I miss leading teams, but atour age, it is hard to keep up with the youth.

We are also just days from having an Open House and a 5K Mud Run with the proceeds going to fund Teen Missions work with AIDS Orphans and Street Children.  The whole place is buzzing with activity getting ready for the big day.


Betty & Family



Exciting things are happening all around the world as well. The Boot Camp in the Philippines is going on and the report came in that between team members and those who they are reaching through evangelism, over 200 decisions for Christ have been made so far.

What are we doing with our free time? I watch the art shows on TV, and I am learning to paint. I finished one small picture. My family tells me it looks nice. I think they are just telling me that to make me feel good! It keeps me out of Betty’s way! Betty is cleaning out the closets and giving things to Goodwill. A retired judge and family moved into the house across the street from us. They are from Colombia, South America. They are a very nice family and we are enjoying getting to know them.

The Lord willing, Betty and I plan on attending Wendy’s, our oldest granddaughter, wedding in Mexico. She graduates with a Physician’s Assistant degree in June. She is marrying a doctor.


Stanley & Janet

Nancy (mother) & Desiree (bride)

Thanks again for your prayers and gifts. We pray we will be able to help at the Boot Camps this year.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our healing
  • Safety
  • Our witness
  • Salvation for our family members
  • The many orphans who need our love and support

Love in Jesus,

Bob & Betty Lane

Proverbs 3:5-6


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