McCracken, Samuel & Redika Newsletter (Spring 2015)

The LORD your God is among you, a warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will bring you quietness with His love. He will delight in you with shouts of joy.”

Zephaniah 3:17


new corner newsletter photoDear Family, Friends, Supporters and FTM’s:

Greetings from Hot Cambodia!

A MIRACLE! Our pastor’s wife here in Kampong Chnang came to me after the service one Sunday and requested prayer for a painful lump in her side that she has had for a very long time. It had started out small and gotten bigger over time. She had avoided having surgery to remove it, believing that God would heal her. I prayed for God to touch and heal her body of any and all sickness, and HE DID! She later told me that the Lord had completely healed her after I had prayed for her! I don’t share this to boast, but to show that the Lord is actively involved in our lives and still heals and cares today about all of our complaints, discomforts and hurt hearts. He wants us to come to Him, in faith, expecting Him to work on our behalf.

Teaching Bible story to our MSSM kids

Teaching Bible stories to our MSSM kids


Ministry here in Cambodia is going wonderfully. We spent our first month in Cambodia at the main base and BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center in Siem Reap. We were very blessed to have the opportunity to help teach some English in our Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) program there in some of the villages. We then moved to Kampong Chnang in February where we have been busy teaching English and Bible stories in several different villages, one of them meeting in a public school with about 60 kids attending our classes! We are also having our English and Bible class in our church which is in Chah Village. We have about six kids who come faithfully. We also have six kids who regularly come to our TMI base here every weekday afternoon for English and Bible class. (Phani our TMI staff here has been doing that with them for five months now.) I( Samuel) love to teach the Bible stories when available, and Phani teaches them English. The base is a ways from the big town out in the rice fields. It is the dry season now so we are focusing on teaching English (which opens many doors for teaching the Bible and sharing the Gospel) and Bible stories to the children wherever we can. We are also helping to teach English at a large Christian school of 270 kids in the big city of Kampong Chnang one morning a week. We have a great relationship with the kids and the school and hope that this will result in many more kids attending our Boot Camp later this year.

Having a great time with our MSSM kids

Having a great time with our MSSM kids

We love ministering in Cambodia very much and God has given us a great love for the Cambodian people who are 85-90% Buddhist. The Christian church here is growing and the number of pastors and Christian workers are also growing as well, though it’s reported that the largest number of Christians in Cambodia is only 5% of the population and a small number of Muslims. So the need for Christian missionaries and workers here is very great, and we are very grateful to the Lord that He has allowed us to minister here even though it is not for as long as we would like it to be. Someday we would love to come back and serve here with TMI . We have been so blessed to have a lot of fellowship with Ming and Pho, a couple who graze their cows nearby and whom we have spent a lot of time with and have also been able to witness to at different times. Please pray for their salvation, as well as Sourn Phoen, a really nice police officer who visits us often to learn English and who has been open to the Gospel when we have shared it with Him. They are interested in spiritual things and in hearing more about our God, so please remember them in your prayers.

Fellowship time with our neighbours

Fellowship time with our neighbors


We rejoice and shared in our last newsletter that the first and longest part of Redika’s visa HAS BEEN APPROVED, but we are waiting for the rest of the process to finish its course. We expect to be in Jakarta, Indonesia for Redika’s mandatory medical check-up and our immigration interview around early May and to be in the US around late May this year and helping at the 2015 TMI Boot Camp in Florida.


We thank all of our dear friends and supporters who have been faithfully praying for us and making our ministry possible through your faithful support. It is appreciated and encourages us more than you know.Your prayers and gifts help us do the ministry that the Lord has called us to do more effectively and definitely have been making a big difference in our ministry. We would like to share with you our financial needs for your prayers and consideration. Our monthly support has been low in the past and currently is $550 a month. We need to raise $700 more a month in monthly support for living and serving with TMI in Florida.

Our sweet MSSM kids

Our sweet MSSM kids

We do also have some big financial needs coming very soon in finishing Redika’s visa process and flying back to the US. We have to pay for her mandatory medical check-up in Jakarta($400), pay the one-time immigration fee of $1,000 (once her visa is completely finished and approved, before flying to the US), and pay for flights to the US (CA and FL), $2,500. We have a portion of these extra expenses, but we are still praying hard and trusting the Lord to provide the difference. Most importantly, please remember us and our needs in your prayers and share them with friends. Also, if the Lord puts it on your heart to help in any way, that is greatly appreciated as well. Donations can be mailed to Teen Missions International in FL, made out to Teen Missions with a note that it’s for Samuel and Redika McCracken. Donations can also be securely made online through the TMI website as well as through credit cards, though there is a small fee.

We are very excited that our long awaited arrival to serve the Lord in the US and visit our many family, friends, supporters and FTM’s is fast approaching. We are so very grateful for all who have supported us in our ministry for the Lord through your prayers and monthly and one time gifts. May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Sinners hiding in Jesus and anxiously awaiting His return,

Samuel and Redika McCracken

Eph 3:20


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