Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Spring 2015)

SmithL Staff NewsletterGreetings to all my favorite people in the world: Prayer Warriors, Financial Supporters, Family and Friends.  You are all so special in His Sight and mine…

P1010942Wow! Here we are again and I wonder if your days are going as fast as mine.  Where to start? There are pictures for you to follow as the letter progresses. I always like to start my day with devotions, then off to the base for the praise and prayer walk. That’s when I just thank the Lord for all He has provided and then pray for all my team members—that’s you. See the picture of the oval world walk where I spend about an hour each work day morning in praise and prayer. What a great way to start the day!

In January, Calvary Chapel East Coast had their pastors’ conference and again I was able to run our display table and meet some real nice brothers and sisters. Next to our table was a group from California displaying their form of advertising and had a free gift sign up for a new Mini IPad. I had wanted one so I signed up, and you got it or should I say I got it. Wow!  I was excited. Now I just need to get a license to use it, I’m poor in the tech field.

This year I “adopted” three girls from our Bible school. Once a month they can sign out and come spend time lounging in a home. We eat, play guitars, they knit and we eat some more. We sometimes do special things; like one Saturday we went to see a play, My Fair Lady, then out to Carrabas for dinner. The girls made a home-cooked birthday dinner for me with fresh strawberry pie for dessert. Some of the staff members put balloons on my car on my birthday.

On Sunday mornings I continue to work in a Sunday school class and with help from a young lady we do children’s worship. We had nine of 15 in my class go forward and ask Jesus into their lives about three weeks ago. Makes one happy! That’s what it’s all about—the salvation of souls.

P1000992It’s that time of year again and we have four of the five Big Top Tents up for The Lord’s Boot Camp. This year I will help set up and start giving tours of the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle that will be in Atlanta, GA.   Then I will go back to Boot Camp to do SB’s (that’s special blessing training) for four weeks (till about mid July).

Now for the real news……

I’ve been asked to go to Madagascar for a two-year commitment to run the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) work. We had 12 villages on two circuits when we had to let the Circuit Riders (teachers) go for not following the rules. Give a young one a 250cc bike and it goes to their head. Not many natives have a car, motorbike or even a bicycle. This is southern Madagascar—remote, no electricity, spring water that is pumped to the base with a generator. I’m excited, as there are no missionaries in the area. Our base is on a hill about 16 miles from the Indian Ocean that can be seen from some spots on our land. I hear we have pineapple, banana, vanilla bean trees and some coconut. The lodging is split bamboo siding and concrete floors. I have the only indoor squatty potty. This could be interesting with my knees. Prayers needed here. Our driveway is a long straight drive up a muddy hill. The ground is volcanic soil, that means fine pebbles and the rain (lots of it) just makes ruts. Any ideas would be appreciated.P1000988

The biggest threat is the malarial mosquito. No poisonous snakes, but if you are by a river there could be crocks around. The Lemurs abound in this area, which is sort of like a monkey. They remind me of meerkats, as they run in groups and are very playful. Rice is the staple, served with some beef or veggies. Precious stones abound here and lots of gold. The children are slaves to the miners in the area.  Madagascar is home to one of the last rainforests—the canopy is 40 meters high. Seventy-five percent of the wildlife here is only found on this island…  The people worship their ancestors, do witchcraft, and only speak Malagasy. Pray for me to learn how to communicate with my people. I will be able to drive 50 miles once in awhile to send and receive e-mails. I’m looking into a smart-phone, for better communications in country.

Ok team here we go, it’s extreme prayer time.

1. Pray for my mom’s needs to be met.

2. Pray for my health, eating habits, living conditions and learning to ride a motorcycle.

3. Pray for the salvation of souls in the villages. Lord give me Your Words.

4. Pray for another English speaker to come on board at the base.

5. PRAY!

P10107436. Praising Him for the opportunity to serve in one of the world’s poorest countries.

If you’d like to join me and volunteer for awhile, please contact Teen Missions and they will work out a time and date for coming over.

The Lord our God Bless you all, and keep you safe!

Sis Loretta Smith

TMI Madagascar South

Matthew 9:38

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.”

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