Adult Team Makes An Impact

Zimbabwe Report:

Greeting in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Zimbabwe. We are so grateful of the fact that the Lord has privileged us to work in His ministry and we are also grateful for the Adult Team Andrea and David. They came in and the lot has been so gracious they brought the rain together because this season has been dry and the time has gone there has been nothing in the fields but we are so thankful that when the team came it started raining and now there is hope for the livestock ‘s grace and this is a relief since searching for food for people and buying food is hectic so these rains have brought smiles back. 

We drove to Bezha and we were met by the Circuit Riders and the kids came so we did a program that included bible stories and they enjoyed as they shaded their papers and phonics , they did too , they we taught them how to do the verses as we looked around Andrea did a bible story with the children and taught them how to do the verses using beans as they write down the verses using the beans ,now since that we did not have them available Nkosi figured out that we still could do with small stones and they wrote the letters using the tiny stones that are 4 mm big this helps them not to forget ,we came back after a successful trip to Bezha we prayed for the circuits , Andrea and David prayed and blessed the circuits . the following day we drove to Mahwanke we’re we we’re met by the headmaster of the place it was a day after they closed schools and they came in a uniform now the team played games with the circuits The Mayezani and the children wrote on the ground the word SAVIOUR and the team took some pictures and this was so cool and the stones we’re colorful and looks great it was after they did phonics and Andrea and David had the the kids pictures that they shade ,were cut and distributed to the kids then after the successful time they prayed for the circuit riders were prayed for too and blessed too .

Munkula it was raining as we contemplated on whether to go or not it was drizzling so that standing out for 5 minutes you will be socked we however drove out and went to this lovely place we we’re shocked to figure out that the kids were already there about 50 of them some we’re already there and some they kept on trickling in . This passion for their program was so stunning and we we’re overwhelmed , now we played the games and we did 4 dramas for the children and with them since it was raining the kids were given the keys to the church and we did the program inside a BICC church we were so grateful for that and we praise God for that . Now the team dished out some snacks after the we made them do a verse and this was such fun too . We came back and we drove to Nswazi the other day we drove to this lovely place and we met a small group at first , the riders were already there , the kids kept trickling in the rains were looking like a disadvantage to us but the lord was teaching us through all this now they were adults ,ladies who were about 10 came to our program with children on their backs and 2 of them joined in the games . We had made a circle as we say the song let us pull together as we we’re pulling each other ,when the song got faster the kids kept in falling and laughing we had Andrea and David in the circle too each took turns as we sung do as I do game song that was lovely , we had start ed with a race across the soccer field and they out ran Nkosi and Andrea also was out ran , they shaded their papers and the program was great these places Andrea pulled out a set of colorful strings and the beads that are first black for sin, red for the blood, white for clean, green for growth and life, yellow for the golden street’s that we are promised and each child had a chance to make their own and they loved now we preach to the children and they go home and narrate all that they were taught and as a result the adults are hearing the work of God some came from cults some these that worship the ancestors ,some practice all sorts of stuff so they all hear the word through the kids .

We drove to Sibhula too and it was a slow start as the kids did not look like they did not know but they kept on trickling in as we started the ,program they had been a funeral some days earlier and the rains too were threatening too so this had affected but all the glory to God , we managed to get the kids and we wrote the memory verse using stones with them on the ground as the team took some pictures . we passed throughout the headmaster ‘s place of the school and I discovered that I knew him this has been one of the encouraging things about the program as the people see you then they get encouraged too . We are so grateful the parents are coming to know the Lord ,one funny thing with bicycles is one of the riders as we picked them up along the road to the program the tube blue inside the tyre and he was not riding it he was just pushing it towards us as if it was waiting of rue that was so funny so we picked them up and dropped them after the program on our way back to the base it has generally been good to host the team and we are privileged to host them and they are a spiritual upliftment to us and the riders too we love them so much and they have been encouraging took lots of pictures too so we asked them to send you some



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