Christ Working at Philippines Boot Camp

Great Work Being Done With The Teams

Hello all from the Boot Camp in Philippines!

All of the head lady leaders are getting all of the things that the team will be using for the field ready. We have had a great boot camp with no image-1problems. We have only had two DQs this whole boot camp and all of the teams are doing very well on the obstacle course, all of the teams have unity and they are even cheering on other teams. The leaders are doing very well in making sure that they are with the kids at all times. For work time the teams were helping to build the foundation for the new bathroom that we are building, they have finished the foundation and we are now ready to start working on the building after all the kids go home. The kids are doing great in all of their classes and the teachers are giving great reports about them. Each team is working on their presentations for the field. Everyone is very excited for commissioning night and is ready to start their work projects. During evening rally we have had great speakers and the kids are so touched by what they are hearing that all of them have come up, there were some team members that had not come up and on Saturday all of the those who were struggling to let go of their struggles finally gave up and came to rededicate their lives to God.

Outstanding stories from Boot Camp:

  1. On Sunday we took an offering for the Aids Orphans. One of the teams gave 2,000 Pesos ($46.51) which is very amazing because a lot of these kids do not have a lot of money. The amazing part about this was that they cared so much to help out the orphans in Africa because they have a burden for the lost and those in need. It is so amazing to see those who do not have a lot of money still give to others because they care.
  2. When some of the kids came they wanted to go home because they were having a very hard time with interacting with their team but now they are enjoying their time with their teammates, they love boot camp, and some are saying if they had the choice they would not go home after the summer.
  3. We had 135 cumulative decisions for Christ here at Boot Camp. Praise the Lord!


Please Pray for:

  1.  All of the visitors on commissioning night that they will have a safe travel.
  2. Our boot camp and that things will continue to go well.
  3. All the teams that they will have safe travels and that God will continue to protect them this whole summer.
  4. Everyone’s health and that no one will get sick.
  5. That God will provide each of the leaders and volunteers with strength that they need.




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