God Working in Honduras

Overseas BMW Report from Honduras

Staff & StudentsBuena Vista – When they arrived on Sunday, the pastor they are working with said that he wanted to have a morning of prayer for the community. So they walked around the community and prayed at four different locations.

Casitas – They did evangelism and shared with several different people. But one event stood out. When they arrived at one home, a girl told them that she had just been reading the Bible, but that she had never accepted Jesus. So they asked her if she wanted to now, and she quickly and joyfully said, “Yes!” So, they prayed with her and she accepted Jesus! The next morning, the students helped with Sunday School where there were 38 children in attendance.

San Isidro – When they arrived on Saturday, the lady who they have been working with said that there were not going to be any classes that day.

Santa Cruz: 

  • Santa Cruz Church – This group arrived on Saturday to find disorder with the plans, there wasn’t anyone who wanted to do evangelism. So, the students went to the city park to do evangelism on their own. There were a lot of people because there was a medical brigade and people were waiting to be seen, so we got to talk to a lot of people. Glory to God for that. After church on Sunday, the pastor talked to the students about the problem with the disorder and said that he was going to make a plan and talk to the youth to have things ready for next week. Please pray for that church as the pastor is trying to change things there and the people don’t really want to.
  • Santa Cruz School – These students had a great weekend, as they each have five minutes to share with each class and they also do personal evangelism during the breaks. In Victor’s classroom, the people were listening with good concentration and didn’t take their eyes off of him. In Kevin’s classroom, one girl rededicated her life to the Lord!


Please Pray for: 

  • Those who got saved or rededicated their life to Christ
  • for strength and leadership for the staff and students


  1. Raul De Leon Jr

    I received a call from Evertt Mora Garcia that is he needing to get a student visa for Honduras and I wanted to know what he cost is including a breakdown of the fee involved.

    Look forward to your response/

    • Raul, Is he planning on going to the Bible School there? If so, you can contact your consulate for the fees and requirements.

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