Musentekwa, Kunda & Purity Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

IMG_4456Allow us to share with you what God has been doing in our lives through the ministry of Teen Missions International.  Purity (my wife) is helping me run the Dola Hill Rescue Unit and teach Sunday School.  I (Kunda) am teaching students at our BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center at the base.  During Boot Camp (in Dec.) I led a team to Kitwe where we did evangelism and saw many come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  During Boot Camp I also did the role of Mr. OC (he announces the winners of the Obstacle Course) and emceed evening rallies.  We do three Sunday Schools in a week in different locations namely Dola Hills, George and Kasongo.  For Dola Hills the kids come to the base.  Kasongo is 15 Kilometers from the base.  I travel on a bicycle to go and teach every Saturday afternoon.  Kasongo does not have a clinic nearby so we have some medicines and do a weekly clinic after teaching the Sunday School.  We are currently having 120 kids at Dola Hills, 95 at George, and 105 at Kasongo.   The total number of kids is 320.  Our goal is to reach 600 children by October 31 this year.  

We thank God for the sponsors who are making our ministry a reality and success.  We also thank God for having given us a daughter Kutemuna Zoe who was born on Nov. 12, 2014.  If you would like to be a part of our ministry by supporting us financially please do so through Teen Missions International.  

Kunda and Purity

Prayer requests

– Good health

– Financial support

– Sunday Schools that will be sustained

IMG_4506Stories from Kasongo SS

Martha Monta is 15 years old.  She stays with her mother and stepfather.  Her father died when she was 6 years old.  After she qualified to go to grade eight, she had to stop school because her stepfather refused to pay her school fees.  Later Martha was chased by the stepfather to go and stay with her grandmother.  Martha developed hatred for her stepfather.  One day she attended our classes for Sunday School.  We were teaching on forgiveness.  It was at this point when Martha began to cry and weep bitterly.  She explained her situation and we prayed with her and she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.  She later forgave her stepfather.  We paid school fees for her and enrolled her in Grade eight.  Martha gladly says, “Now I can finish school and become a doctor.”  This has been her dream.  She is thankful to Teen Missions for their support.

Innocent is four years old and is HIV Positive.  He stays with his grandmother.  His parents died when he was a year old.  When we first saw him he was very sick and malnourished.  We immediately put him on a feeding program and took him to the hospital where he was put on antiretrovirals.  Innocent is now looking healthy and says, “Teen Missions, you are my angel.”  Further we enrolled him into preschool, and he says he wants to be a teacher when he completes school.  Your support helps little ones like him realize their dreams.  


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