Ocen, Moses Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Untitled-1Dear Family and Friends,

I am glad for the good work you are doing and the protection which God has given unto you.

I really thank God for the greater things He has done for me.  I really thank Him for healing me when I got an accident. Now God is still fixing my bones, and He is giving me strength every day. After the accident I was not able to walk, but now I can walk properly. That’s why I am giving thanks for your prayers. I thank everybody who stood with me in prayers. So above all, my family members together with my parents really appreciate what Teen Missions has done for me and standing with me when I was in a bad condition. May the almighty God bless everyone who stood with me. May He bless you in the places of work and the ministry you are doing. Be blessed!


There is one girl who is an orphan at the  Koboko Teen Missions base. This girl is fifteen years old, and she was a muslim. One day I shared the Good News with her and she was not really ready to receive the Good News. But I kept on telling her the Good News about Jesus Christ. Whenever the orphans came for camping, we cooked for them some meals and fellowshipped together. Then I continued telling her the Good News and finally she accepted to change from being a muslim to be a born-again Christian. So keep on praying for this girl for the great salvation she has received. Pray for her to stand firm. Pray for me as I am doing ministry in Koboko. I really feel so sorry for these orphans who are in need.


Painting the Chalkboards for Sunday School


I thank the Lord who has continued to use me through the ministry of Teen Missions. This month, I was given the privilege to work on the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) lap chalk boards. I was told that I had to make them for all the Sunday schools at the three bases: Koboko, Nakabango and Kaberamaido. It has taken me almost three weeks to work on these boards with the assistance of work mates. I had to make about one hundred twenty (120) pieces of boards. Right now they are at the final stage of completion which is painting them and letting them dry. I hope by next Saturday, the MSSM kids will begin using them and the others will be transported to the other bases. It has been such a great pleasure seeing that God can use me in this ministry.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of my ministry here in Uganda. May God Richly bless you.


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