O’Hara, Justin & Shannon Newsletter (Spring 2015)

OharaDear  Friends and Family,IMG_1512

Our flights are booked, our bags are packed (or at least they will be), and we are ready for this new adventure God is taking us on to Italy. The path has sometimes been obstructed, but we have kept moving forward in faith. God has provided us with a testimony of His amazing provision which is a story that I want to share with you to encourage you that God’s ways are always the best ways.

Shannon’s Surgery

On February 13th Shannon went to get an ultrasound because the doctor wanted to make her own evaluation on a mass that we had discovered in Uganda years before. It was starting to give Shannon some discomfort, and we decided that it was a good idea to get it rechecked. Ten days later the doctor met with us and told us that Shannon had a fibroid that was very concerning. Simply put, a fibroid is a tumor that grows on the uterus. Tumor is a scary word to hear at any time but when it applies to a fibroid, cancer is rarely linked, and in our case that proved true Praise the Lord.  Still our doctor told us that if we wanted to have children it would need to come out because of its size. We knew we wanted to take it out and were grateful that we could schedule a surgery the following week and not have to wait on some long list that would push our Italy “go date” back even further. On March 12th Shannon’s surgeon removed not one fibroid, but five. This surgery also proved to be a blessing in more than one way. Since the doctor had to operate she was able to discover that Shannon also has endometriosis which causes swelling and inflammation around the uterus. This, the doctor says, is more than likely the reason we haven’t been able to have kids yet. We praise the Lord that God decided to make this known to us. Shannon has already begun treatment and is recIMG_1508overing very well.

God’s Fingerprints

As you know surgery can be expensive. The total cost that was billed to our insurance company was $98,613.51. I know—it’s insane. Thankfully, God decided to intervene and we have only had to pay $487.59! God has always provided for our needs, but it seems that He had made a point of it this past month:

        *God blessed us with a friend who has graciously offered to pay for all of the supplements ($500) Shannon needs to take to help with her endometriosis.

        *We were delayed by one day in traveling to Miami to apply for our visa, but because of that delay we were able to save $300. On that day the visa price went down $50 and I found an amazing flight deal that was $250 cheaper than any other flight I had found previously.                

        *My brother-in-law, Dave, has a lot of frequent flyer miles and decided to bless us with flights to New Jersey, which saved us $550 in flight costs to Italy.IMG_1506

        *We have friends from church that each decided to give us $500 out of the blue, which covered the cost of our flights.  

God continues to use people to help us do ministry full time. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of the people He has put in our lives.

Italy and Beyond

Our visa has come in and we will be leaving for Italy on the 27th of April. When we first

Stay Updated

Shannon and I have a new webpage that will have monthly updates. We really want to keep you informed and involved in our ministry and would love for anyone to come and be a part of what we do. There are lots of opportunities to help with our ministry. If you can’t travel, you can help financially and pray for us. All of this information can be found on our webpage at www.JustinandShannonOHara.wordpress.com. Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. We will continue to seek the Lord and minister to His people wherever we go.

Together in His Harvest,

Justin & Shannon O’Hara

Titus 2:11-14


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  1. Hey Guys, Just looking at the Teen Missions page and thought I would send a note and prayer. Be encouraged, Jesus is with you aways. We miss y’all at CCMI. Be Blessed as you Bless others in Jesus name, Amen

    Randy Moore

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