Powell, David & Becca Newsletter (Spring 2015)

family editDear Family and Friends,

Faith. What is it? Where do we get it? And how do we hold onto it once we have it? The American Heritage Dictionary defines faith as “belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence”. The Bible tells us that faith comes from God, but holding onto it is a choice we make every day as we live in a world of logic and reason. Every decision of faith conflicts with our human nature and the voice in our head that tells us we are fools running after the wind. Each day that we choose faith, we find ourselves challenged with new fears. Fears that tell us we will fail, that we are alone, fears of rejection and humiliation…fears of the unknown. This leads us to make another choice. We can choose to not take risks, to be safe and to hold onto our fears of defeat. Or we can advance towards the giant with a mere stone in our slingshot and have faith that God will fight on our behalf.

Making New Friends

Making New Friends

As we settle into our new home in the valley of Pellice, just outside of Turin, we find ourselves challenged, once again, with pioneering a new work. Shouldn’t it be easier, we question, the third time around? Six years ago we launched the first Teen Missions Bible school in Belize. Seventeen months ago we moved to Athens, Greece and began a work among Persian refugees. Now we are looking at just three months remaining before the start of our first Teen Missions camp in Italy. The first of January we said to each other, a camp in 2015 is hardly possible. But against all logic we heard the Lord telling us to press on. There have been obstacles, yes, but nothing the Lord could not bring us through. Now we count the days before our training camp and think, this IS impossible. And we hear the Lord saying, “this is exactly what I had in mind.” What is impossible for man is possible for God! More so than ever before, our faith is colliding with our fears.  Each morning as we enter into prayer with the Lord, Jesus takes us by the hand and says, “Be brave! Trust in Me.”  

Easter Picnic with Friends

Easter Picnic With Friends

For our first Teen Missions summer camp we are promoting four teams and inviting youth from all over Europe to attend.  All the teaching will be in English to accommodate every country represented and to encourage their education in their English studies. After 10 days of training in the rustic Alps of Italy, each team will be commissioned to their project site either at our Teen Missions base in South Africa, Uganda, or Honduras. We have also scheduled a team to Milan, Italy which will be evangelizing at the World Expo through music, puppets and dramas. After four weeks of ministry at their project, they will return to Valley Pellice for three days of debriefing. Our camp is scheduled for July 14-August 27th. Please visit our new website at www.europe.teenmissions.org for further description of our teams.

On April 12th, we spoke at our church in Turin and shared with them the details of our camp this summer. Now that we have our website on the internet and people have access to the application, we find our faith colliding with fear again, but this time, a fear of success. This may seem ironic, but indeed a reality. Please don’t stop praying! Pray for God to complete His work in us, that we will persevere through the difficult times and trust Him for the impossible. Pray for this summer camp of 2015 to bring glory to God. Pray that every participant, from the volunteers who lend a hand to the travel agents who book our flights, will taste and see that the Lord is good!

The Graduate!

The Graduate!

Our Children

We are excited to announce Gabriela’s graduation from high school this year! She will be celebrating on May 30th in the home of our dear friends in Cocoa, FL that have agreed to look after our children while we continue to serve in ministry in Italy. Gabriela and Caleb are currently dual-enrolled students (attending college classes while still in high school) at Florida State College in Cocoa. Gabriela desires to study nursing and she will continue her studies at Pensacola Christian College this fall. Another dear family who has been so supportive with our ministry and lives near Pensacola, has two daughters attending the same college. Their family has agreed to “adopt” Gabriela for the weekends and holidays. We are so grateful for such wonderful friends! Gabriela and Caleb are both working part-time jobs and anxiously awaiting the day when they can get their drivers licenses. Caleb is training to be a lifeguard and hopes to purchase a car before his sister.)

Sarah in Jerusalem

Sarah in Jerusalem

Sarah has been in Jerusalem for two years now volunteering at Shevet Achim and studying Arabic. Sarah, Gabriela and Caleb are planning to meet in Colorado this July to attend both the Wallace and Powell family reunions. I’m sure they will enjoy some quality sibling time together!

Our last newsletter shared our desire to raise up 1,000 prayer partners for this new work in Europe. We are happy to share that we have reached that goal and it continues to grow! We are so thankful for each of you who are standing with us in faith for this great work of God! Your prayers are felt as we continue to trust the Lord and move forward with what He has laid upon our hearts. Thank you also for your generous gifts that support our family. We offer them up to the Lord with thanksgiving and praise, and we continue to pray His blessing over your lives!

Serving Together,

David & Becca


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