Putsoenyane, Peter Newsletter (Spring 2015)

On the bike in front of the bunkhouse ready to serve the LordMuch love to you, Heavenly kingdom ambassadors, who are born to be the light of the world. Greetings to you in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Peter Putsoenyane Botsanghonne. I am working with Teen Missions in South Africa as a missionary in the village called Reit View. I am 26 years old. First, I would like to thank God for saving my life. When I was young the devil tried to kill and to destroy my life. Above all I thank God that I am still alive and I am an ambassador of the Heavenly kingdom preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this world of sorrows and pain, and bringing hope to the hopeless through Christ Jesus.

I am born again and a graduate of Teen Missions International in South Africa. I have been living without parents for a long time. They both died when I was nine years old. They left me, my young brother and sister homeless. When I was growing up I did not live at one place because there was no permanent place our parents left for us before they died. So we were living with my older sister who is married and unemployed. But in the midst of all the trials and storms of life, God has covered me to overflowing with His eternal love. All these years it has never been easy to live without my parents and without a place to call my home, but God gave me a home with Teen Missions. Here I am now working with Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) with a purpose to take the Word of God to the people through the means of teaching Sunday School and meeting the needs of the children who have no one to care for them.

On January 26, 2015 we arrived at Riet View to begin the new MSSM program. Teen Missions has been running the program of MSSM for several years and it is operating in countries all over the world. Instead of building churches, Teen Missions has developed Sunday Schools. In most cases, there are six Sunday Schools established that the motorcycle circuit riders run each week. They usually stay in the area in tents so after working with the children they can also minister to the adults in the community. In South Africa MSSM has had some challenges so we have begun a new approach to MSSM. We were given a property by the king where we live in two blue bunkhouses and we reach the Sunday Schools by bicycle. Instead of staying in tents each night we are able to come back to our home. This is located in a new community called Riet View.

Digging the ToiletSince we are just beginning MSSM in this area there is a lot of ground work to do. Not only do we have a lot of work to do on the property (clearing the bush, building a toilet, etc.) but we also have a lot of ground work to do with the people. We have noticed that the parents are in two groups – some support the work we are doing with their children, but others do not support it and do not allow their children to attend Sunday School. We believe that this is because they are from different religions (such as ZCC, which is a cult church) and they think we are against them. We are reaching out to them by visiting them, counseling them and praying for them. Some of them are even calling me to sit with them to tell me what they are going through and so I pray for them. One evening we were visiting with one of our neighbors, Mr. Nkosi. He told us that during the day a woman who was nine months pregnant was chopping trees in the bush and she began to bleed and could no longer feel her baby moving. We began praying with the Nkosi Family for this woman, whose name is Dora. Later we received a call that she was no longer bleeding and she could feel the baby moving again. After that an ambulance came and fetched her and she delivered a healthy baby boy. These times where God has answered our prayers is a huge testimony to the people in the community.

After this miracle, Mr. Nkosi asked us to come to his house every Tuesday and Friday to have a cell group because he and his wife are so hungry for the Word of God. We have begun this cell group and the average attendance is about 15 people. We have noticed though that there is a spiritual hold on the community that is hindering people from truly giving their lives to Christ. It is very hard for some people to let go of the traditional ways. We praise God though because one day Dora came to the cell group with her husband and all their children. The message shared that evening was about faith and love, and that evening their entire family received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There may be spiritual darkness in the area of Riet View, but God’s love and light will prevail.

Teaching Sunday School in Riet View areaEven though there is a hindrance with parents, we have seen that the children are responding very well. They always call me “Uncle Peter” and they enjoy the Sunday School program we have been running for them. We are developing the Sunday Schools still, so at this time we have only had three locations. When we began, the first two locations had 40 kids each and the third location had 70. We have seen though that there are way more children in the area and so we have made a goal to have 100 children at each Sunday School by the end of 2015.

I served with MSSM for one year during my internship with BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center in 2013 and now I am on staff with Teen Missions.  God has given me the assignment to serve with MSSM for three years. I enjoy working with children because I see that so many children need an adult in their life because either they don’t have parents or the parents they do have are not there for them. When I grew up I never experienced love from my own parents and so I know the pain that brings. I want to be a father figure to those who need it. Every child should know that they are loved and they are important. I believe that this is a way that God is showing His own love through me – to the children and to the entire community.

Please pray for me as I serve the Lord in Riet View. I want God’s will to be done in my life. I have left my home and many things so that I can serve God through MSSM. I have made sacrifices so I can help others. But in the same way I still need help so I can continue to do so. If you would like to join me in this assignment from God to bring the light to Riet View and the surrounding areas, you can help me by praying for me, or by supporting me financially through Teen Missions. Thank you for taking time to read my spring newsletter. Through any of your support and prayers I believe that God’s assignment can be fulfilled in abundance. With a body of believers supporting me it will lighten some of the challenges I have in serving the Lord in this way.


Peter Putsoenyane

[email protected]

Please pray for me in these ways:

-For financial support

-Strength and courage while serving in Riet View

-Daily safety and protection

-For God’s guidance and spiritual growth


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