Shrock, Jason & Karen Newsletter (Spring 2015)

2014 ShrockDumela Makhe (means “Hello Neighbor”),

Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) moved to the bush! We have grown and changed our program. To reach the kids and provide an ongoing outreach we have built two small wood structures and placed them in the area that they will be teaching. They go out by bicycle and do their programs and stick around longer to ask questions and be available to the families if there is a need. The king originally granted us a 25 X 30 meter (82 x 98 feet) lot and within days of seeing our outreach, offered us a 30 X 50 meter (98 x 164 feet) lot to better serve the kids. We have nearly 80 kids who are

Playing with the kids at the new Sunday school area
Playing with the kids at the new Sunday school area

coming and doing the Sunday School program just on Wednesday. Although this was not without some challenges along the way. In the 1990’s there was a time when children would come up missing, primarily from witch doctors using them for sacrifices. Because of this the parents are very wary of strangers. When we started going out and rounding up the kids the parents rose up and came as a group demanding to know who we were. This was a little scary for Kgotso and Peter who were the only ones living there. The commissioner got involved and called a community meeting to clear up the matter.

Jason with the miracle baby!
Jason with the miracle baby!

God used a crazy situation and used it for good! We are now sending out invitations to the parents of new kids and they fill out a permission slip knowing that their child is coming at a certain day and time for Sunday School. This has opened up the communication channels and now they have established a cell group that meets and prays each week. During this group they met a mother who was pregnant and nearly due to have her baby. Unfortunately,  she was having bleeding problems and the baby had quit moving and responding to anything. The doctors feared it dead and were going to perform a C-section to remove the baby. Kgotso and Peter prayed for the mother when she came to the meeting and the next morning the baby began to move around like normal and she didn’t have any more bleeding issues.

Pinky perfecting pineapple cookies!
Pinky perfecting pineapple cookies!

The Samaritan Ladies program continues to grow and change. The staff are busy writing a curriculum for jewelry and the new computer program. We had someone donate six computers which are all set up with new computer desks and software. Thank you whoever you are! Our number of ladies attending has dropped slightly since the beginning of the year, but many are excited about the computer training. We have sewed dish bags and curtains, fried and baked many pineapple and banana things (since we had a huge donation) and created truly beautiful African jewelry. We are slowly shifting their mindsets from this being a ladies club to them learning business skills. Each week they are also soaking up the Word of God as we share with them. Last week Pinky even gave a testimony of God’s healing in her life.

Kgotso & Lorraine Mashongoane wearing traditional Sesotho hats and blankets
Kgotso & Lorraine Mashongoane wearing traditional Sesotho hats and blankets

With all new students in the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center the first term, we have had some growing pains. Ester has been really homesick and got a bad spider bite and was down for three weeks. By the way, staff and interns get homesick some too. Tebogo’s son was in a taxi accident, but he was ok. Merci had a snake crawling up his leg one evening on the way to study time, but thankfully kicked it off. One of our teachers was injured in a bus accident on the way to BMW, but he’s stronger than ever now. Several have struggled with the tough schedule, but ALL of them are growing in the Lord and we are definitely becoming family. It doesn’t take long and they are calling us Mama K and Papa J. The growing pains are surely worth it as we got to host the wedding of Kgotso who was one of our graduates. He and his wife Lorraine are now running the MSSM program in the bush as Mr. & Mrs. Mashongoane.

Family outing at the mall with Sarah visiting from Fort Wayne, Indiana!
Family outing at the mall with Sarah visiting from Fort Wayne, Indiana!

We are so thankful, grateful and appreciative for all the sacrificial giving towards the bus. We currently have around $22,000, but need $30,000 total to purchase the bus. We have a church that is pledging the final $2,000 to get us there, SOOOO only $6,000 to go! If you would like to give, send your donation to Teen Missions International, 885 East Hall Rd. Merritt Island Florida 32953-8418 and mark it as Bus Donation South Africa. Thank you to everyone who has prayed and supported us through the growing pains of a continually changing ministry. Praise the Lord He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8!


We have five students and many more who have applied for the May term.

We have half the money for Joy’s braces. You can contribute toward this to our base in Florida mentioned above in the bus section. Label the donation “Joy’s Braces”

Two grand babies to be born this year! HannaLea Nobizo Ndlovu due in May and Baby Sorenson due in September.

Six computers and the funding for the training program for Samaritan Ladies.

A great friend from church visited our family!! Love ya Sarah


Provision of a new minibus to transport Samaritan Ladies, students, Boot Camp teams and area needy.

Team of U.S. youth coming in June/July for a work and evangelism outreach.

Team of Europeans coming from Teen Missions in Italy for a work and evangelism outreach in July/August.

Good Health!! We have all four had some type of health issue this last year. This is the first year we have had to use our insurance. (Thanks ECC!)

Jason, Karen, Jolie & Joy

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

PO Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

Cell: 027 079 393 0492

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