Spindler, David & Stephanie Newsletter (Spring 2015)


Spindler Staff NewsletterWhen he woke me this morning (April 7), David said to be sure to look out the window. Well, I did…and low and behold our “April Showers” were white and accumulating!! Imagine that!! Actually, I’m sure there are many who don’t have to imagine it because you, too, sometimes get your “April Showers” in the form of snow. Tomorrow, however, we are supposed to be up around 45 degrees or so and gradually warmer the rest of the week until Saturday, when we’ll be down near freezing again. Yep…we are on the spring weather roller coaster!

Here in the Canada office, support is coming in for team members, and we are excited to receive and process it. We are almost finished now with our promotions until fall – one more event in Red Deer (Alberta Home School Convention) and that will be all our promotions until fall. We are in the process of re-evaluating how/where we spend our promotional budget. Please pray for us as we make these decisions as they are not easy.

suisse05sSummer is rapidly approaching – our main time of ministry. At this writing, there are 15 team members on our team and one other leader – a back-up male leader for David. Having another lady leader would be nice…but with the help of the Lord and our daily KP team members, I can handle the kitchen by myself if needed. We’re still scheduled to lead the summer team to Switzerland, where our team will be helping out with many little projects around a YWAM base there. We’ll be in the German speaking part of Switzerland. David looked up the area on Google Earth – my goodness – it is a spectacularly beautiful area!! This base is used as a family camp during the summer, so please pray that, in addition to the work they do, our team will have opportunities to share the love of Jesus with folks attending the camp. Please pray as well for David and me – that we will be the leaders this team needs and that Teen Missions expects.

We are thankful to report that David has been able to get some of his dental needs taken care of. He was able to get in to the University of Saskatchewan School of Dentistry clinic. Before summer, his broken tooth should be gone and maybe a few fillings taken care of. We are pretty sure that soon we will face the very real need for dentures, so please pray with us for that. Dental insurance is something we do not have, and such things are expensive. I hope to start getting some care for my teeth in the fall.

IMG_1625David passed his 70th birthday in February, and I am coming up on 62 in May. We have now been married for 40 1/2 years – honestly, it does not seem like any of that is possible! We have reached the time of life when we take things less for granted, and consider more carefully before making commitments. We want to be sure we are where God wants us and doing what He desires – please pray for clarity for each of us as well as agreement in these things. Many things tug on our hearts and we don’t want to stray from God’s perfect will…

We are so very thankful for every one of you who partners with us through your prayers and your giving. It sometimes sounds so cliche to say that without you, we could not be here serving the Lord…but it really IS true. We know most of you also have prayer needs – please let us know how we can be praying with and for you as we all serve together. May the Lord bless you, every one of you, with the same faithful generosity you use in blessing others according to God’s direction.

Together in His Service,

Stephanie and David Spindler

Romans 10: 14,15

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