Buaya, Tia Newsletter (Spring 2015)

Untitled-1To all my Beloved Family, Supporters and Friends,

One of my favorite songs this month, I sing when I wake up and even when I work.

Praise the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul worship His Holy name, sing like never before,

oh my soul I worship Your Holy name”

I thank God for what He is doing in my life. I am serving Him until now only by His mercy and grace. Time is going fast now. It is April of 2015,  the weather has changed from summer to fall and I can’t wait to enjoy the winter time. Here in Teen Missions South Africa I keep busy with things like outreach, Bible study, Samaritan Ladies outreach and also work in the garden. In the garden I keep busy chopping the bushes, making beds, planting the cabbages, and gathering the goats’ poop from a farmer for fertilizer. I do other jobs such as painting the boxes for the Tabernacle, sewing the tents and landscaping. I really enjoy landscaping and planting many kinds of flowers, even though I don’t know their name. The flowers are blooming so beautifully.

At night I write some songs and in this month I finished two of my songs which in the  Indonesian language is “Jawaban Doa” (answer prayer) and “Yesus Tumpuan Harapanku” (Jesus Is My Hope). I wrote these songs when my soul was dry and lonely and it seemed like I walked in the desert. But God is the only way, and He rescued my soul and wiped my tears.

With Mashongoane's famiy
With Mashongoane’s family

At Easter we had a wonderful time. Shanty and I were invited by Pastor Mashongoane for children’s ministry. Pastor Mashongoane is one of the pastors in Living Gospel Church (LGC). The LGC churches in Pretoria had a conference which is like a revival meeting in South Khutsong. He picked us up from the base and then we traveled about three hours by car. When we crossed into Rustenburg the roads were lined with beautiful lilies. I was amazed and I asked to stop the car to take some pictures. In the afternoon when we arrived we had a meeting with other Sunday school teachers. After that class I used the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) programs like the wordless Book and I combined it with Easter lessons. I thank God that I learned TCE (Teaching Children Effectively) when I was in Indonesia. Now I know how important it is and God already prepared me for the children’s ministry.


The last day of conference. The kids can't wait to go back home.
The last day of conference. The kids can’t wait to go back home.

Praise God 120 the children attended. They’re full of energy, active, come in and out from class making the numbers up and down. Those kids only speak Sotho and a little bit of English. Rachel came and helped us as an interpreter. While I prepared my lesson in the back, I prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide me and give me wisdom to teach those kids. After they prayed and sang some songs, I went to the front and looked at them one by one with prayer in my heart. I felt the Holy Spirit working, the situation immediately was changing quietly, and I continued the lesson. When I reviewed again they answered correctly. Shanty and I taught them some songs, played kids’ videos, played games and did the quiz. So much fun!

Our host family, from the left to the right: Tia, Blessing and his Mom Given, Shanty, Bongani and one of the pastor’s daughter.

During the conference we were hosted by one family and they were just such a blessing to us. The mom of the family has a warm heart and is a friendly person. She has three kids. The youngest is named Blessing and he was two years old. When we were sitting together, he came and massaged our feet, and it was a surprise me. His mom said “He usually does the same thing if someone stays in their house.”

The second day we did the kids performance they sang two songs which we taught them with movements. The parents was amazed as they did very well. Also they asked us to sing a song. Some of the pastors who knew us before were surprised because we sang and I played guitar. From that time they asked to take our pictures and we were treated like a celebrity. But for me singing is like normal because I’m used to singing and playing guitar in my church. On the third day before they closed the conference, they called us to the front and covered us with the thick blanket as a symbol of respect to the guests like us. It is a great thing to learn something from a different country.

I just thank you for all your prayer and support you have given to me. May our Heavenly Father bless us real good and always. Emmanuel

Prayer requests:

1. Continue to pray for my Mom that God would protect her in everything she does.

2. Pray that God would give me strength and wisdom as I serve Him through TMSA and also please pray for financial support.

3. Please pray for my fiancé, his name Christian Yonifati Bu’ulolo as he is doing his ministry in BNKP Church (Gereja Banua Niha Keriso Protestan). It is like the Lutheran Church in Nias Island Indonesia. May God give him strength, wisdom and the ability to always stand firm in God’s calling.

In Christ


Romans 12:11

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