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The Story of Aduka Jackline.

Aduka jackline was born on 15th march 1996 in koboko. Currently she is 19 years old and one of the orphans at the House of Justice. She joined BMW this year after going through the 2014-2015 Uganda boot camp at koboko when she joined as a leader.

lst class for ladies sewingAduka studied her primary at Apa primary school in koboko ending in primary five and could not continue with the studies because of financial difficulties. But Glory to God who answered her prayers because she was really yearning to continue her studies and was accepted to BMW

But there is one thing we later realized about Aduka. She had difficulty in reading and writing so the Studies were challenging to her especially whenever it came to reading in class and doing the tests and exams. So what we had decided to help her was that whenever there was a test, we would try to read to her the questions while explaining and she was required to answer and we would write on her behalf, however, Natalia picked interest and the heart to endeavor to teach her how to read and write so every evening prep and work time, she would spare one hour to teach her while they also prayed for God to help her catch up. It did not only end on Natalia encouraging her but also the other staff and Mr. Nelson insisted on her at least reading two verses every day and trying to read other literature books. Even the Fellow students worked hand in hand with her. 

All the hard work, determination did not go to waste when this week in one of the spiritual classes, she insisted on wanting to participate in class by reading. So, the teacher allowed her to read and to all our surprise, she was able to read a paragraph.

We praised God for the great things that He can do the lives of those who desire to go against all odds and put their trust in the lord. And if it was not for the vision that Mr.Bland had for this mission, She could not have had the opportunity of learning. 


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