Ecuador Team is now four days into Boot Camp!

EcuadorThe Ecuador Team is now four days into Boot Camp! I have to say that out of all my teams, I have never seen team members become so comfortable together so quickly. Although we have a few shy ones, everyone seems to be willing to share their heart during our evening team time. They work together wonderfully on the Obstacle Course and many people have commented on how strong our girls are! 
The team members are doing very well in drama, learning the choreography quickly and using some powerful expression. I’m really excited to see how they do with evangelism in Ecuador. 
Pray that this great team work continues and that we can have loving communication even when we become stressed or tired in the future.
The team has “won” the piggy award twice already, mostly from leaving behind an essential poncho or water bottle. They are getting very good at cleaning the bathrooms though, so parents, be sure to put them to good use when they get home 🙂
Last night the heavy rains began and we have had some more today. Hopefully there aren’t too many mosquitos to follow because we’ve been pretty lucky so far. It has been humid though, so our team members from cold places are feeling a bit of a shock. I’m sure they’ll feel at home again on the Andes!
We have had two team members with some dehydration since coming, but with some extra water and some gatorade, they are back on track and smiling big. Please pray that they would stay healthy during Boot Camp in preparation for Ecuador. Please pray that they don’t experience any injuries that would prevent them from doing what they came here to do. We don’t want Satan to have any foothold on our team! 
Sunday will be our Boot Camp Olympics Day and our day of milkshakes and pizza! I’m excited to see them have this time to bond together. After that, it will be a short week until we head out. 
Pray that this team can be effective in every area, leave a good witness of Christ and overall, become closer to Christ. 
Thank you so much for entrusting us with your children this summer, they are already so much fun and I know that I’m blessed to be a part of their summer. 
And here is a look at what some of our team members have to say about Boot Camp!

Team Member Testimonies:

Dane: I’m having a ton of fun at Boot Camp and I feel like God has really bonded our team together. I can’t wait for Ecuador! 🙂
Zuzu (Alexandria): I am learning about a lot at Boot Camp, but the thing I have been learning about the most is the joy of Christ. Because of Boot Camp, I understand the joy people have in life because of Christ and how important it is to share the news. 
Cody: I came to Christ when I was very young but now I’m looking forward to seeing my faith expand through TMI.
Jonah: So far Boot Camp has been an amazing experience. The leaders are extremely helpful with everything related with Boot Camp. My team has also grown together really quickly. I want to do this again in the future. 
Kearen: I have been learning that you can’t just say you’re Christian, but you should also act like one. I also now see that I need to be “emptying out my duffle bag” to God to show that I am with Him 100% of the way. 
Zac: Boot Camp is really difficult, but I am learning a lot and I really like my team members,
(If your child hasn’t shared yet, they are in the emails to come so stayed tuned!) 

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