The St. Lucia Team Is Bonding Well

SaintLuciaGreetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp! Thanks be to God that on Saturday, June 6, all 13 team members arrived safe and sound. Sunday we were able to enjoy the Teen Mission’s Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center Commissioning and Graduation ceremonies. After the ceremony, the team sat through orientation classes, where they learned the policies of Teen Missions. On Monday,  the 8th, the team started their regular hourly schedule which consisted of running the Obstacle Course, breakfast, devotions, Maturity Class with Bob Bland, Bible Hour, Drama, Construction Class, Lunch, Brainstorming, Block laying, free time, Bath and Laundry, Music, dinner and free time. We end every day with a rally where we sing songs and hear a speaker share a what God has laid on their heart. Monday night at Rally our team was given the Piggy award for being the dirtiest team and then the next day during our free time, we had to clean the Boot Camp bathrooms. Hopefully, we learned to be clean from here on out so that we don’t have to clean the bathrooms again.

Up until Tuesday the weather was bright and sunny with the expected amount of humidity from the Lord’s Boot Camp, but then was drowned out by rain Tuesday evening during Rally. Wednesday the sun shone bright, but was was also drowned out by rain after lunch. Wednesday was the first day of the Obstacle Course and the team was able to make it all the way to the Wall and get six people over it until time ran out. I firmly believe that God is working in these kids and that He has great things in store for them this summer. They all seem to have bonded well with each other for it being only the fourth day of Boot Camp and are doing what they can to help one another.

Every night at rally the speaker will end the evening with an alter call and the team members that come up will receive counseling from other leaders and Teen Missions staff. So far we have had five team members go for counseling and rededicate their lives to the work of the Lord. Praise God!!

As a team, our goal is to become more united, work harder together, and see Christ in every one of the team members’ lives. We look forward to what God is doing in all of our lives, both team members and leaders, and pray for an extraordinary change to show in and through us.



  1. Thanks for the updates! Would love to hear messages from each individual team member if you have a chance 🙂

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