The Australia Team Is Adjusting Well

 01 AustraliaWe are now five days into Boot Camp here in Merritt Island, Florida and the team is doing fantastic. Although the they had a rough time adjusting to Boot Camp, they are finally starting unify as a team as they get into a “normal” routine. The team ran the “OC” (Obstacle Course) this morning and did really well. Their teamwork and encouragement have been so exciting to see so early on in the trip. It is very obvious to see God working in each team members’ life as they listen to the speakers each night at the evening rally. The team has finally started a normal schedule and are in classes throughout the day. A few of the classes include block laying, concrete, digging, drama, music, and a list of Bible classes. I have already noticed that each team member has a hard-working attitude that will benefit the team during the project time overseas. We would just like to thank all of the friends and family that are praying for the team constantly. Please continue to pray specifically for team unity, spiritual growth, and continued health within the team. 

Here are a some testimonies from a few of the team members:

Noah Adlesburger – “Every doubt I had weather Boot Camp was the Lord’s will for me has been removed by the fantastic experiences and people God has presented to me in the four days I have been here.”

Laurence John Martin II – “When I first got to Boot Camp, things were just awful. My tent was flooded, the water was gross and lukewarm and the food was completely bland. I was also terribly homesick. But now, about five days in, I’ve never felt more at home here. I love the fresh air and the breeze. The Obstacle Course still challenges me, but now I can really feel God working in my life. Now, instead of wanting to go home, I am excited to get to Australia!”

Kat Armstrong – “Boot Camp is definately not how I expected it to be. But even though it’s only been a few days, I have learned many lessons. Sometimes it feels impossible to keep going… but without a push, we wont succeed. God has taught us so much in these few short days, and I am so excited to see what He has in store for us out on the mission field.”


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