The Bangladesh Team Is Doing Well

BangladeshGreetings from Boot Camp! The team is here and we are in the full Boot Camp swing. Our team consists of eight boys, eight girls, four leaders and a infant leaders’ kid. The team is enjoying all our classes. We have our construction and Bible classes in the morning and our phonics and music classes in the afternoon. Eddy and Ashley have been using their guitars to help lead us in music and we are all having fun practicing with each other and preparing the songs that we will use in Bangladesh. 
It has been a hot Boot Camp (but not as hot as normal) but we are thankful that we have not seen very much rain. Last night it did rain for most of the night and this morning a few of the tents had water in the corners. We have been working on drinking lots of water so that no one gets dehydrated. The team has been doing really well with reminding each other to drink and they are great at taking each others water bottles to get filled. The kids have been healthy and we have not had medical problems. 
The team has really enjoyed running the Obstacle Course each morning. The first day Montana and Jeshua worked together on the top of the wall to put 14 people over! This really encouraged the team and  they were excited to run again on TuesdayMonday we had Kitchen duty and the kids did great even though we had less free time but this did not discourage the team. They did their best while working the kitchen duties and when they had free time, they made the most of it. 
We praise the Lord for the way the entire team has been getting along. From day one they bonded and have been helping each other carry the load and weight of Boot Camp. Thank you for your prayers for us. Please continue to pray for the entire team as we push through the heat and training of Boot Camp. Pray for the overall health of the team that we would remain healthy with no sickness or injury. 

God bless and thank you to our friends and families for your support and prayer, 

Keller Lambert – “At Boot Camp I have been taught to rely on God more for strength. He is the only one who can get me through the day. He has also taught me to enjoy the spiritual meat I received at home and church. He has made me crave spiritual meat more and more each day. This has made my quiet time exciting each morning. Every day He has shown me His unending love, mercy and grace as He allows me to  glorify Him day after day even though I deserve Hell. I am in so much awe whenever I am reminded that my God is not dead!” 

Josh Freeman – “Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp, God has been teaching me that we should recognize opportunities to serve others. We should to do that whenever we can—don’t waste those opportunities. We should try to help each other every day and not tear each other down.” 

Samuel Chicas – “I have been having a great time here at Boot Camp, making new friends and growing closer to the Lord. It is amazing to see how the Lord works in the lives of all the team members and leaders, as well as mine. I know that the Lord is with us all the time even through the hard times.” 

Montana Schwebs  – “Boot Camp is definitely a learning experience in all the definitions of the term. The Lord has absolutely brought me out of my comfort zone. I have learned to appreciate all of the comforts the Lord has given to me and not to take them for granted. I have gotten to decipher the book of Acts through the required daily devotions. Having the chance to sit every day, without distractions, really allows me to figure out what God is telling me directly. Boot Camp has given me the opportunity to learn and practice my faith without having to feel pressured by others.” 



  1. I am praying for one special member of the group bangladesh
    Love and prayers!

  2. Christie Wilson

    I am praying for all of you, as well as the others at camp. I am excited about what God has planned for these teams. Keep up the hard work.
    May God Bless

  3. Thank you for the update!! So excited to hear how you’re all doing. We’re praying for you!! (Ryan’s mom)

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