The Philippines Team Is Loving Boot Camp

26 PhilippinesGreetings to all friends and family of the 2015 Philippines team! After anticipating this trip for a while now, we are excited to share about the adventures that are already taking place in the busy lives of our team members. All 13 of the team members have come in safely and we are quickly bonding as a family. After only four days, the team is already laughing and getting to know each other. In order to get the team member’s attention for the team count-off, the leaders call out “Philippines” and the team members chose to respond by saying “Ohana”, which means family. It is great to see them already having the mindset of looking out for each other like a family would.

  The moment they stepped foot on property at Teen Missions was the moment things got busy. Their classes include learning about puppets, music, dramas, concrete, steel tying, and much more. It was a very new and funny experience to flush the toilets and take showers with buckets, but the team is adapting well and some even had the chance to rinse off in the rain we had yesterday. During our second rally of Boot Camp, we had the blessing of winning the “Piggy Award” for being the cleanest team at Boot Camp, with the award being swimming in the pool the next day during free time. We are thankful that most of our team members broke in their boots before coming and we are treating only minor blisters. They have all been drinking an extra amount of water to stay well hydrated and they are slowly becoming more acclimated to the humidity and heat. 

  We look forward to growing closer to each other and more importantly, closer to Christ. We will continue to strive to be the cleanest team, work as one, and serve Christ with all of our strength. It’s cool to see everyone slowly moving out of their comfort zone and trying new things. 

“It was a very rough start, but God, who spent the entire year preparing and equipping me, is still not finished preparing us for the goodness ahead. So far, God has shown me that I need to be more selfless and not think about what I don’t have and instead serve with all I have and give glory to God with my words, actions and thoughts. God has also allowed me to love people on a much deeper level, beyond their stench and the amount of dirt caked on their skin. God isn’t done with me yet, and He has so much in store for my team.”
– Marina Evers
“Boot Camp has been a hard experience for me. But it has helped me go to the Lord more. Also, I have enjoyed the evening speaker and rally.”
– Katie Alashari

“So far Boot Camp has been very fun, but very difficult and busy at the same time. I have learned so much about God already, and it hasn’t even been a week yet. Every day we hear testimonies from across the world, which really puts things in perspective of how good we have it in America. I’m very excited to see what God still has in store for me as the summer continues to progress!”
– Collin Safely


  1. Love hearing the words of sweet Marina! So blessed by the updates! ♡

  2. Thank you for the update! Praying fervently for you all 🙂

  3. So Amazing to hear from you guys and super exciting to hear that your team is growing closer and making long lasting friendships. We pray for you everyday and all that God is doing in you to prepare you for the work He has for you in the Philippines. May God continue to Bless each one of you and show you His Love and Strength as He prepares you for the Philippines.

  4. And thanks so much for the update!

  5. “and they are slowly becoming more acclimated to the humility and heat.”
    Typo? or maybe not 🙂 Like it 🙂

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