The Switzerland Team Is Doing Well

The team is now about 1/4 the way through their two weeks of training, and they are doing well. They get along well, are working well together and making friendships with their team mates. Since the first rally last Saturday night, several team members have responded to the evening invitation. As a leadership, David, Joe Ruffner and I are very pleased and excited with this team.

Weather, until Tuesday night, had been VERY nice – cooler than usual (but not truly cool) with nice breezes. BUT…Tuesday, late afternoon and evening, rain and some lightening and thunder moved in. It cleared up overnight, but on Wednesday afternoon, a line of heavy storms and rain moved through. This morning, Thursday, June 11, there are high clouds and a breeze – but no rain so far today.

I think our team’s outstanding experience would have to be how well they are doing as a TEAM on the Obstacle Course. They stay together, they encourage each other – it is amazing to see.  That, and last night, they won the Brainstorming Award – the subject was coming up with a drama of about five minutes in length – for that, they win the pool today – a very coveted award.

ISAAC BEALS: “At home, I always trusted my own strength to get me through tough times. I usually made it, but barely. I tried that here at Boot Camp and found that I couldn’t even make it through the third day! God has challenged me to put my trust in Him and believe He can get me through the summer.”

ELIJAH BEST: “This last week at Boot Camp has changed my perspective on a lot of things. Boot Camp makes me realize how important God is and that I should never take my friends and family for granted. I am excited to see what God has in store for me.”

NATHAN CAMPBELL: “This Boot Camp has been a great experience so far. Getting up really early has been a lot easier than I had expected, and the Lord has been teaching me wonderful lessons during devotions.”

JOHANNA MARTINEZ: ” The Lord has been teaching me to rely and be obedient to His Spirit. I am also learning that I have to keep on keeping my eyes fixed on Him in order to get through every hour every day. I am so thankful for that.”



  1. This is Elijah’s mom. I am so proud of my son for completing this Mission trip. He is an amazing kid with a hugh heart and I miss him so much. I know how good this is for him and I’m so proud of Elijah. Please give him a big Hugh from me and tell him that his family is cheering him on!!! I love you Eli!!!

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