Greetings From The Cambodia MSSM Team!

02 CambodiaGreetings form the Cambodia MSSM team!

We’re excited to have the whole team here at Boot Camp where we are training and also to see how the Lord will use us this upcoming summer. There are two main aspects of this team: motorcycle training and classes for various evangelistic skills.
Boot Camp began with orientation classes for the new arrivals. Motorcycle training started Monday and the team was excited about this aspect of their training! This special training has been slow and steady. Everyone first learned how to check the bikes and move forward. It didn’t take long for them to be comfortable grabbing a helmet and riding the bikes to the motorcycle course. 
The evangelistic classes this week are getting the team ready for music presentation and teaching phonics to the kids in Cambodia. Van Kingma has the pleasure of leading the team in fun, upbeat worship songs on his guitar. Next week they’ll learn dramas and puppets which will also be used on the field.
It’s been good to see such an encouraging group serving the Lord. Learning to live in tents and washing clothes in a bucket is always different for each kid. The team won the Cleanliness Award two nights in a row and this gave us much appreciated pool time. It’s the little things that keep their spirits up. Early to rise and early to bed has kept everyone healthy, except for a couple of blisters along the way. 
We hope you continue to keep us all in your prayers! 
“Boot Camp has been really nice this year. The weather, the classes, and the Obstacle Course have been good! We’ve been uniting as a team, and growing closer and closer to God. Not only that, but riding motorcycles is becoming more natural each day. Overall, things are going really well, and I’m looking forward to going to Cambodia!” – Jared Iles
“ Hello from Boot Camp! I struggled with a bit of pride, in knowing that I was being obedient to God in going for a longer length of time. As I’ve been getting settled with the team, I’ve realized just because I’m being obedient, it doesn’t mean I’ve been committed. I’m finding aspects of my life where I haven’t completely surrendered to the Lord. I’ve learned how if God has sent me to do His work, He will be the one to take care of every aspect of my life. God doesn’t call the equip, but He does equip the called. As I continue this journey, I’m making it one of my top goals to turn over everything to Him!” – Annie Russ

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