The Cambodia Team Update

02 CambodiaHello from sunny Florida!

The first week of Boot Camp seemed to fly by for our team. Praise the Lord for safety on the motorcycles and everyone’s good health!
The day events start from the rooster call at 5:30 AM in the morning and go until evening rally, ending with team prayer at the tent site. There’s a lot that goes on in one day, and the team members continue to thrive as a whole. They’re both hard workers and good stewards, whether they’re doing the dishes, riding through the camp on the bikes, working the Obstacle Course in the morning, or learning their memory verses. Overall, they’re a great encouragement to one another and we can’t wait to take them out and go share the Gospel.  
We’re thankful to have celebrated Courtney Hursh’s 17th birthday last week. She told us that night how grateful she was to share it with her teammates and to have such a unique, yet wonderful day. They had their first drama and puppet classes Saturday, both of which are tools they will use to evangelize to the youth in Cambodia. It was also exciting to see them work alongside the South Africa team, successfully getting 11 kids over the Wall obstacle safely! Sunday is filled with activities for everyone and we seem to be closing in on Commissioning night. We have olympic games, a wheelbarrow decorating competition, milkshake, pizza and more in store for us. 
Motorcycle training continues to run smoothly, with Joe Vile teaching us all he can. They learn something new almost every day, including hill stops, gear shifting, tire weaving, stopping at streets on the course “village”, and how to be safe on the bike. Next week they’ll learn how to effectively go over the large hill and how to emergency stop. This has been one of the better teams, with fast learners. Even in their evangelistic classes, they shine as outstanding students. Jared Iles and Annie Russum did especially well in their first day of drama class, and there was little improvement to be had overall. 
Thank you for your ongoing prayer for team Cambodia! The journey continues, and we can’t continue without those prayers. It’s hard to believe how quickly it’s the days are going. The Lord’s been faithful to us, and it’s a joy to watch Him work in each of our lives. You’ll hear from us again, soon! 

Team Leader: Rae Marcy
“Boot Camp is insane: we’re hot, sweaty, and always running to the next thing. The mosquitoes can be annoying and motorcycle training has been more of a challenge than I originally thought. Most people would ask, “then why would you do it?” Honestly, it’s all been a blessing to me. God is teaching me how to be patient. I’m slowly learning how to move faster, which is ironic but very good for me. He’s also teaching me to rely on and find my strength in Jesus. When I struggle or get frustrated, I keep my eyes focused on Him. Although it’s been hard at times, I already feel like I’m growing closer to the Lord.” – Marcy Grace Graber 
“On the first night at Boot Camp I was scared, mad, and doubtful. Since then, I’ve noticed a strange change in my energy and endurance. I know this is the power of God in me and it has made a tremendous impact on my time at Boot Camp. God has helped me to know what I need to do here, overseas, and when I get home. I’ve made better friends here in a week than I have in five years back home. Boot Camp is really and truly life changing.” – Reilly Gordon


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