A Big Hello From The Malawi Team!

10 MalawiA big hello from the Malawi Well Drilling team! Wow, I can’t believe we will be commissioning next weekend. The team is so excited to soon have Boot Camp behind us and to be heading for Malawi. We finished our well drilling classes and are looking forward to putting them to use in Malawi. We started drama class this week along with music. It seems like several of the team members can play an instrument, so we are hoping to barrow a guitar to practice with while we are here at Boot Camp. However, in Malawi, we will have a guitar already there that the team can use.
We had our first big thunder storm the other day which made it so we could not swim in the pool. However, the team members had great attitudes towards not being able to swim. Along with the heavy rains came the nasty bugs, so, recently, the new cologne/perfume of choice became a number of bug sprays. On the Obstacle Course the team has been running with Australia due to both of us being smaller teams, but everyone seems to be working well together. They have been able to get almost half the team over the Wall! We seem to have a very optimistic team, which is evident even through some of their testimonies. You know you have a positive team when one of them starts one of their testimonies by saying: “Boot Camp is the place to be.” We have been blessed with such a great group of kids and we are all excited to see what the Lord has in store. Please continue to pray for the team as they grow closer to the Lord and as they start their second week of Boot Camp training. 
Boot Camp has simultaneously been the most difficult and most amazing experience. I have learned so much already and made some great friends. With all the Bible classes, speakers, and devotions, I can already feel myself growing closer to God. Even though we’re only halfway done with Boot Camp, I’ve learned to appreciate so many more things in my life, and I wouldn’t leave even if I could. – Rachel J.
Boot Camp is the most challenging experience I’ve ever been through. I am learning to give thanks in all things and also to rejoice in all things. I have grown closer to God through the struggles and through the morning devotions. – Abby T.
Boot Camp has been a challenge. Missing the people who are important to me is the real challenge. Not the hard labor or the lack of pretty much everything. It’s only the seventh day and I’m kinda at the point where I don’t want this great experience to end, but I can’t wait to get out of here and be with family and friends. It’s hard, yes, but this trip has already been amazing. I just can’t wait to actually get in the field. – Isaac O.


  1. Heather Andreasen

    So proud of all of you! We have been praying for months that your team will be unified, loving, encouraging and excited to know God more and more with each passing day. This is an experience that will be life-altering if you allow God to speak to your heart and have an open mind to hear from Him. Continue to lift each other up as you are family during this time away from home. Proud of each of you and we miss you soooo much Brayden!! Love, mom 🙂

  2. Hi Team 1. Take care of each other and mature in your faith. You are Christ’s ambassadors. Rachel, I am so proud of you and the blessing you will, be to all you meet
    Love, Grandmother

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