Another Report From The Philippines Team

26 PhilippinesYesterday concluded our first week as a team here at Boot Camp and the team has really fallen into step with the schedule. In the mornings they are out and ready to go in five minutes and today on the Obstacle Course Braden and Daniel lifted over nine of our team members. Earlier this week they had fun doing “Run from the Devil”, our blow up bungee run where teams compete to run the farthest they can. 

A few days ago we received a LOT of rain, which resulted in our tent site being mostly flooded and a few wet tents. Thankfully, we had sponges and towels and everyone slept in dry tents that night. Even though the rain posed some challenges, we had the blessing of some cooler weather and nice breezes as a result. 

If you have seen the rallies via webcast, you know that our team has been consistently clean, coming mostly in 2nd or 3rd place. Last night, however, we pulled through to first place and so will be able to cool off in the pool today after the afternoon Olympics, a series of individual and team competitions with Boot Camp-inspired themes. This morning we will have a special Galilean church service with the speaker in a boat on the lake and the kids sitting on the shore, meant to mimic the way that Jesus taught the crowds in the Bible.

They have all maintained great attitudes through the business and difficult moments and we praise the Lord for encouraging us and bringing the team together. Each and every team member has been such a blessing to us leaders and to each other, truly showing each other what it means to be “family”, the theme that they chose for our team this summer. We are praising the Lord for good health so far and appreciate your continued prayers. 

“Boot Camp so far is really fun but challenging at the same time. The hardest thing is the Obstacle Course, but the classes are fun too.”
– Derrick Leeman

“Hey, family! My time here at Boot Camp has been awesome. We are really bonding as a team. I have learned a lot about my other team members and I am having a blast.”

– Sammy Cruz

“It’s been a week so far at Boot Camp and it has gone by so fast even though it feels like we have been here so long. We have done various things from drama to singing songs about the Lord. We have also learned so much about God through all of our class and rally speakers. I am so thankful that God is in my life or I wouldn’t have made it here to this trip.”

– Braden Anderson



  1. Love the updates! Thank you so much.
    Praying for you all. <3

  2. The Galilean church service sounds great! I’m hoping and praying for some cool breezes for you all. I’m very impressed that you are all able to keep tidy even with the rain. Good job! I’m praying for you all. Many many times a day. I miss Derrick a lot and so happy he has this opportunity to grow in Christ. ((((hugs))))

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