Six Days Away From Commissioning!

ZambiaWow, the first week of Boot Camp flew by and here we are only six days away from Commissioning! We have finished our puppet and phonics classes and are starting advanced evangelism classes this week. On Saturday we were able to have a tour of the life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle and learn how it is a picture of Jesus Christ; what a powerful message we have to share that cuts right to the heart. We also got to experience a Bush Sunday School lesson where we listened to a Bible story and colored pictures and sang songs and played games! It was a lot of fun. This gave the team a good idea of what Teen Missions’ Sunday school circuits overseas are like. 
On this Super Sunday, we began with a Galilean church service out on one of the back lakes on property, where Rev. Howard Vanderpool preached from a boat on the water and we worshiped the Lord as they might have done a couple times when Jesus taught to the crowds. Moments like these remind us of why we are really here going through Boot Camp, and they bring us back to the reality that we are here because Jesus is alive and we have this news to share with a dark  world. 

Today we are also having our Boot Camp Olympic Games which include wheelbarrow races, chugging warm kool aid from a pig trough, boot tossing, and other relay games that are Boot Camp themed. We are doing our best to stay hydrated! 

For dinner tonight we will be having the 500-gallon chocolate milkshake along with 12-foot alligator-shaped pizzas, and because our team has kitchen patrol (KP) today, we will be helping make the milkshake! This is always one of the most exciting parts of Boot Camp and the team members are just ravenous by the time they are finally able to partake of this long-awaited feast. Among the other festivities happening today are the Ketchup Queen and wheelbarrow decorating competition. 

Please continue to pray for the Zambia team as one body, that they will trust each other and be unified. That they will genuinely love each other with God’s love that is in them. Pray that the Lord would break their hearts for the lost, and that He would prepare us for what we will encounter in Zambia. Blessings to all of you supporting and praying for us.

“Boot Camp is hard, but I know when we make it to Zambia it will be worth it. Whenever the bug bites, sweat, and constantly walking on sore feet seems unbearable, I just have to remind myself that God has called me here for a reason. Most of all though, I am so thankful for the work God has done in my life so far. If I have learned anything, it has been that sometimes God breaks you down before building you up. I would not trade these hard times for easy times if it meant I would not change the way I have. – Caitlin Dewlen

“Second year now and Boot Camp is still tough! I thought I was just a wimp last year, but now knowing that Mr. Bland prays for rain…I think I’m doing as well as I’m supposed to. I’m now getting used to it. Missing home, but making it. I’m learning so many new things!” – Alayjah Robbins

“Boot Camp is definitely one of the most physically and mentally challenging things that I’ve done, but I’m learning to rely on God in a whole new way. He’s been showing me through the past week what parts of myself I still need to fully surrender to Him in order to better serve Him on the field and in every day life. After only five days, I have a stronger relationship with God and a better understanding of His plan for me. I’m thankful I came to Teen Missions and cannot wait to see what He has in store for the rest of my summer.”  – Victoria Hughes

“The first few days of Boot Camp were extremely hard for me. One night I just started crying because everything just got to me. That night my tent partner talked to me and asked me what was wrong. She was so encouraging, I don’t even remember what she said but it made me realize I could do this. From then on I realized I could lean on God and He is going to completely take care of me through my whole Teen Missions experience and life.” – Allison Shelly

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Cheyenne Freeman
John 3:30


  1. Hi Cheyenne! Thank you for another detailed report! We really appreciate the time it rakes to write them!

  2. Hang in there guys! Praying for a wonderful summer ministry!

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