The Bangladesh Team’s Adventures!

BangladeshGreetings from the Bangladesh team! 
We are growing more like a team every day. Training has been going well and we have had no problems getting along as a team. The attitude of the team has been very positive—they continue to encourage one another every day and help each other. 
Yesterday, while our team was at Block Laying class, they were challenged to finish the first course of blocks for four walls. At the end of the hour long class, the team had constructed five walls total! The class teacher was so excited that he ran the Obstacle Course with our team this morning. Samuel and Josh really got the technique of block laying down and they were able to share their skills to the rest of the team.  
Our music and phonics classes have been going very well, Alexis and Emma have really been helping the rest of the team with staying on key and learning new songs. We are also enjoying two new classes puppets and drama and we are excited to see how well the kids will learn everything. 

A few days ago it started raining at about 3pm and then it got really windy. After rally, when we got back to our tents, we found the the wind had blown our tarps off our tents and everything was really wet. It was a tough night but the team really grew closer together and the next day we had great sunshine and we were able to get everything dried out and back together. We praise the Lord for the attitude of the team members through this trial. I know from this lesson that when we face trials and difficulties on the field and in travel, we will keep our eyes on Jesus because we find our hope in Him! 

We are looking forward to the Boot Camp Olympics that are coming up on Sunday, along with alligator pizza and chocolate milkshakes! We are hoping to continue to improve our score on the Obstacle Course and the Clean Award. 

Eddy Dark – “God has been teaching me many things at Boot Camp. God speaks to me most during the rallies and during my personal devotion time in the morning. I am glad that I came to Teen Missions. I look forward to what God has in store for my team on the mission field this summer. Teen Missions has taught me to take joy in the small things like ice and showers. I have been learning to be thankful for every luxury that I have at home.” 

Magnolia Wilson – ” At the Lord’s Boot Camp, the Lord has taught me many things. He has shown me how when all the distractions are taken out of your life, like a cell phone, that it is much easier to focus on my spiritual life. Through my personal devotions here, I have learned a lot about faith. Today I read Hebrews 11 and it helped me in any worries I had—I just need to have faith in God and go out and do what He has called me to do. The things I have learned at Boot Camp will help me to better do God’s calling in my life.”

Abby Nommay – “I have been looking forward to Boot Camp for so long that it feels like I’ve come home. It’s been a little difficult transitioning to a new team (this is my 2nd Teen Missions team), so I’ve been relying on God to help me every day. The Lord has renewed my sense of purpose while I’ve been at Boot Camp and I am determined to get rid of all my emotional baggage so that it will not affect my team or the Bengali people. I’m continually thankful to God for the little things in life, such as dry clothes and no blisters. Throughout this summer, my goal is to grow closer to God, and be an example to my team and the people of Bangladesh as well as my friends and family back home.” 

Talitha Everett  – “Boot Camp has not been easy or all that fun at times—between the wrist that I sprained before Boot Camp and my shaky hands. However, in these last few days all I have wanted is to be closer to God. God has answered every prayer I have had! I was worried about working with a team, but God has blessed me with an amazing one. I was worried about sharing a tent with someone but God has given me a tent mate with a heart of gold. Learning how to fully rely on God has been hard but it’s worth it. In every hard time God has lifted me up or used one of my team mates to. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this summer.”       


  1. Continuing to pray for your team as you get closer to your goal.

  2. Thank you for the update! Sounds like you’re all doing well! (Ryan’s mom)

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