The Ecuador Team Is Learning To Work Together

70 EcuadorA full week has passed since the team members arrived. I can’t believe how quickly this Boot Camp seems to be going—we’re going to be in Ecuador in no time! 

The team continues to grow together. They have their moments of frustration and questioning what they got themselves into, but they always seem to come out remembering their purpose. 
In their classes, they have ended Drama and Puppets and have started Music and Advanced Evangelism. We are blessed to have a box drum, a guitar and a violin to help make our presentations complete. We also have quite a few team members with lovely voices so I’m very excited to see them all at work on the field. 
Today the team will have a lot going on. Their will be a Galilean service next to the lake, they have kitchen duty again (KP), they will participate in the Boot Camp Olympics, and their will be the 500-Gallon Milkshake and Alligator Pizza!
As far as weather, there has been some rain, but it is mainly humidity with a side of mosquito. 
We hope to see you at our Commissioning Service on Saturday if you are able to make it.
Please pray for our team members to stay strong and healthy! Also pray for good attitudes when things get hard.
Here are a few more words from our team members:

Ethan: At Boot Camp, I am learning that we need to work as a team, and if one of us fails, we all do. 
Hannah C.: For me, being away from my family has been the hardest thing. The conditions, like no running water, have not been easy either, but I’m learning to lean on Him more. When I feel lonely and miss my family, I am learning to go to God for comfort. 
Casey: I have taken one bath in five days and my bath water had tadpoles in it. Somehow, it was the best bath I’ve ever had in my life. No words can describe how crazy, terrible, and awesome boot camp is.
Austin: God has been working with me in a few different ways at Boot Camp. He is showing me that as the only FTM (former team member), I need to be giving advice and guidance to others. God is also showing me that I need to be going on my mission trips for the right reasons. 
Justin: I have learned that no matter where people are coming from, we are always a family, especially at TMI. God loves everyone and we are here to show that in the countries we go to. 
Megan: Here I am free to show my faith openly and God is using this to bring me closer to Him. 

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated….it’s awesome to hear how the team and Kearen are doing. Hang in there!

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