The Long Lost South Africa First Report!

28 South AfricaStarting your day at 5:30am is never easy. But with the glory girls for South Africa, a near impossible task becomes almost fun. In just a few short days these impressive girls have exponentially bonded as a team. If one of the girls forgets something, the others are eager to step up and help out. With so many things happening in a day, such as running the Obstacle Course and learning to teach phonics, its not hard to miss something. Each girl on the team is so special and vital to the whole body of the team. They all bring something different and important to the table. The lovely Rosemary and Savanna are the sweetheart angels that you can’t help but smile when you feel their lighthearted spirit. The spunky Sarah and Lia keep us all laughing and remind us constantly that you can make any task fun with the right attitude. The wise beyond her years, Emily, blows me away every day with her motherly heart. She reassures everyone (including us leaders) that everything will be okay. The loveable Laura has such out of the box ideas and can think of them in a blink of an eye. The small but mighty Zhenya keeps us all accountable to ourselves to always strive to be the best we can be. Last, but certainly not least, the amazing Hileena. She has the ability to stay so cheerful no matter what gets thrown at her.

     I am so excited to see all of there new found talents put into action out on the field! Some of these include building the foundation of a building, setting the frame work, putting in and bending the rebar, and even mixing their own concrete. They will also be doing a powerful drama on the death and resurection of Jesus Christ, as a way of introducing and presenting themselves once they get out to the field. they will be ready for whatever weather they encounter in South Africa. Here in Florida they continue to shine even through the blistering heat and the sudden thunder storms. From the bottom of my heart thank you for these wonderful girls!

My name is Emily Henderson and this is my first time here at Boot Camp. It has been a challenging experience, but I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment of it! Being a part of Teen Missions has encouraged and helped me give all I have and all I am to Jesus. I have no fear of what is to come, because God has given me the leaders and teachers I need to be equipped physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve learned and now understand the importance of staying in Gods Word and praying to Him unceasingly. I carry my memory verses in my heart throughout the day and they’ve helped me during the Obstacle Course and when I’ve been missing home. I haven’t felt this close to God since my brother passed away a year ago and I pray that my relationship with Jesus will only grow stronger.  

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  1. Stephanie Higgins

    So glad to hear from South Africa!!! We are excited about what God is doing and going to do through your team. Praying for you all and missing Zhenya!

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