The South Africa Team Is Bonding!

SouthAfricaThe South Africa Team has improved so much since we have been here at Boot Camp. We have seen the girls come more and more out of their shells. We had our first day of music class yesterday, Saturday, June 13. They are a beautiful all-girl choir. We will be ready to perform as we will be presenting in South Africa. They have started to learn how to use a new tool. I do not mean a hammer or a saw. They are becoming puppet masters. Puppets are a fun and creative way of sharing a story or the Good News. We also had the opportunity to have a class on MSSM Bush Sunday School which teaches us how the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission teach their classes in other countries. Sunday is a special day. Not just because of church which we are having a special church service. We will be out by the lake and listening to a speaker out on a boat. Today is also Olympics Day here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. That means no classes and we will be playing many games as a team. The are so excited for that. The main topic of conversation is always how excited the girls are for South Africa. They talk about what they think it will be like. What they are looking forward to the most. The things that they are nervous about. 
Savanna Alexander – In 2012, I went on a mission trip with my church and ever since then I have never wanted to go on another mission trip. My mother convinced me to go on another one and so we found Teen Missions International. The first three days at Boot Camp, I was homesick and hated the weather. On that third night I prayed to the Lord to help me focus more on Him and to love everyone the same and to love everyone the same and to not love them any less than my family. The next day I focused more on Him than myself and believed that He sent me here for a reason. I do still miss my family, but I have also made another family with the team I’m on. Our all girls team is growing closer and closer everyday and we get through each day together. All of our different personalities bring smiles to each others faces each day. Our wonderful leaders keep us in line, yet they also communicate and laugh with us. I can’t wait to grow even closer to my new family and to do the Lord’s work in South Africa.

Lia Crumpton – Hey guys! This is my fourth year serving the Lord during this summer with Teen Missions. Already the trip is so amazing we have eight great girls and two outstanding leaders. Being on an ALL girls team is quite different, but has many good perks and benefits. Our leaders help us everyday and encourage us to strive to be the best we can and do all things for Christ. My experience has been good so far, less mosquitoes, and a little cooler than second Boot Camp. I already see so much potential in our group, bonding is essential during Boot Camp, and South Africa 15013 has bonded like we’ve known each other for years. I’m so blessed to be with such Godly young women. Each person offers so much for our team. God is leading our team each day and night through the good and hardships of Boot Camp. We are eager to serve in South Africa! In about a week we will be departing for our summer and facing the field. I think of Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He has gave me the strength to continue each day and our team to push through the trials of the day. God is our strength an ever-present help in trouble. Thank you for your prayers and support. We love and miss you all. I even imagine leading a team in the future because of the great examples our leaders show us. I love you mom & dad plus all my beautiful and amazing siblings. God Bless Y’all
P.S. Sarah and I are “spunky.” (Baby Trinidad 2012 reunion)
Rosemary Michael – Boot Camp has been a challenging but powerful experience. I’ve learned to live in the rough hot humidity with the mosquitoes and sleep in tents. However through it all our team has become closer and closer. I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone. It’s also been very cool to see how powerful the tool of prayer is. God has helped me get through this experience.   

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  1. Stephanie Higgins

    Can’t wait to hear about the puppet shows! Thanks for updating us on how things are going!!!

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