The St. Lucia Team Is Adapting To Boot Camp!

Mission Trips St LuciaWe thank God for His many blessing in what He is doing with this team. Every day things have been getting easier for the kids as we have been able to have more and more free time. At this point, Boot Camp has become a constant schedule from place to place. Thursday, the 11th, they were able to go swimming in the lake for their Free Time which was a great encouragement to them. Also, they did Run From The Devil, which is just a fun competitive activity where they played against the Peru team and won by 0.8 points! The 12th was their last day in Drama Class and they are now doing Puppet Class instead. During the day, they were able to take their time, relax, take a bath, and do their laundry which brought the day to a slow, easy pace for them. They were able to end the day with the wonderful news that we had the best brainstorming idea and also we received the Cleanliness Award, so they get the pool during their Free Time on Saturday! The team is so excited!!

This weekend the kids will be having a busy schedule where we are watching the old 1980’s film Mud, Sweat, & Cheers that was filmed by Teen Missions on Saturday and Sunday, we have church, the Boot Camp Olympics, Pizza and Milkshake and the Wheelbarrow Parade. At the Boot Camp Olympics our team will go face to face against other teams in races and contests of all sorts for the winning title. In the Wheelbarrow Parade, they will be decorating a wheelbarrow to represent their team in a contest for the most creativity. The team seems to be pulling together rather well and working hard as a team. Together we plan to get great things accomplished for the glory of God. Please continue to pray for team unity and for God to really speak to the hearts of these kids while they are here.

Hey Mom, Dad, Bethany, Catherine, Daniel, and Emmeline! Boot Camp is rough and the current rain storm has likely soaked the interior of my tent, but the spiritual experience here makes it all worth it. I’m so ready to hop on a plane and build this church with incredible enthusiasm. My team is great. I love you all! – Vental Waggoner

Coming into Boot Camp, I had a negative attitude and a sluggish spirit, but God has been speaking to me and convicting me to lean on Him in all circumstances. I’m tired, but God is my strength! – Mary Kate Hogan

Hey 🙂 It’s really wet right now, but each day is getting better and better! I’m really excited to go to St. Lucia (and for Boot Camp to finish, but don’t tell them that… shhh!) – Hannah Daniels

Hey Everyone! These first few days have been pretty rough here at Boot Camp. Lots of rain, sweat, and waking up early. But the Lord is really starting to teach me a lot of things and I am learning to trust the Lord to provide for me and give me joy to face every day hour by hour. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me while trekking through the rest of Boot Camp and in St. Lucia! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! – In Christ, Marta Ray



  1. Lisa Polkinghorn

    Hey, James!!
    We have really enjoyed being able to see the rallies and pictures. We miss you and are praying for you daily. We hope you are taking notes of all you are doing so you can remember everything. Take notes especially of all that you are learning about the Lord. And, take pictures, too!

    Love, Mom and Dad, and all the rest!

    • Lisa, Team members cannot see what is on the forum. Please send a personal email to him at the email address given in his Individual Team Fact Sheet.

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