The Switzerland Team Is Adjust Well To Boot Camp Life

SwitzerlandWe have arrived at the midway point of The Lord’s Boot Camp. The team continues to do well and the few who were struggling a bit at first are really starting to do much better. We see more smiles, hear better overall attitudes, and see a more cooperative spirit among the team members.

Following the heavy rain of earlier this week, the heat and humidity are worse, and mosquitoes are really starting to be present in large numbers.

Some team members still respond to invitations as the Lord leads.

Aside from blisters, generally sore feet and mosquito bites, there have not been any serious physical issues at all. As feet have not been through the Obstacle Course yesterday (we did not run the one with the slough – we did the World Map obstacle course) or today (we have KP), it gives a good opportunity for everyone’s feet to stay dry and heal up some.

We won the Piggy Award (cleanest) and got to swim in the pool this week!


Mich Winget writes: I confessed Christ when I was young, but I never really did much for Him ’til TMI. It’s helped me grow so much. I have been on two teams so far.”

Malachi Loos: “Boot Camp has taught me to trust the Lord in everything I do, I know that if it wasn’t fro God I probably wouldn’t be able to make it through the first week. Being so far away from home for the first time has allowed me to realize that as long as you have God’s love you don’t have to fear anything.”

Seamus Thompson: “Boot Camp has been a great yet difficult experience, but I’ve never grown more in the spirit, and I have never been pushed harder in my life. I still miss all the people at home, but am learning to enjoy Boot Camp. In Christ, Seamus Thompson

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