The Peru Team Is Coming Together

PeruThe team was super excited to finally not get Piggy Award after having it a total of three times, and two were two days in a row.

The spirits on the team today are high as we had fun at the Olympics. The team was excited yesterday after they got Kyle Reddekopp over the wall and the team did the best yet. And then Kyle and many others for the first time made it over the Slough and stayed dry for the first time, plus we got a total of twelve over the wall. A lot to rejoice over. Today, after they did so well cleaning up and we almost won for cleanliness, our two leaders, Rob and Brittany said they’d run the Obstacle Course with them. I think they got 14 team members over the Wall. It was great. They are doing better at the Slough also. Not as many kids are falling in. The team members are doing a real great job about not complaining too much considering it his pretty challenging schedule and living conditions.  

We are doing our best to maintain the TMI policies. We learn (or relearn) new ones every day like this morning when a team member swung over the Slough and when he didn’t get far enough, he stayed on the rope and landed on the other side to try again. Common sense (and the team members were told not to do this) says it is a safety thing and he shouldn’t have done it but he didn’t remember. We are all learning. It is going well though. We have several days of Special Blessings stacking up which the one time we served one we enjoyed working together and it was great fellowship time.

We are down on the “down hill slide” and will commission next Saturday! Keep those prayers coming!


  1. That team member that swung over the Slough sounded exactly what Daniel my son would do…Lol. 😛

  2. Thanks so much for the update! Glad to hear Kyle made it over the slough and the wall!! Awesome. We’re praying for you all daily!

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