Boot Camp Is Winding Down For The Cambodia Team

02 Cambodia“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deut. 31:8

We thank the Lord for the steady breeze during the hot Florida afternoons!  Only a couple more days of training remain before all 1st Boot Camp teams pack out for Commissioning on Saturday evening. Our team is learning how to work a busy schedule, and efficiently make use of their time. Everyone looks forward to entering Cambodia and seeing the beautiful culture and surrounding. These teenagers have a real passion for what they do, and it’s such a joy to work with them.

We will continue puppets, music, and motorcycle training for the next two days. Puppets and drama continue to go well, and today they had their first experience making balloon shapes. Courtney Hursh does great at puppets and being attentive in class. Mary Grace Graber who was struggling a little on motorcycles, but has made great improvement. While it has been in the 90s, the team has been doing great by winning the pool two days in a row. They have won by staying clean and coming up with good ideas at Brainstorming. Friday we will be packing out of the tents, getting all the food, supplies and luggage weighed. Team photos will also be taken for each team member to bring home with them! The team T-shirt that was decided on last week will be another item issued, and something special that they designed together. 

Lord willing we will arrive in Siem Reap on the 23rd. Thank you again for all your prayers and concerns. We are excited to send you the next update from overseas!

“Boot Camp… It’s hot, you get sweaty, you’re never fully dry, and you run almost everywhere. Even though there’s all these things, I have learned so much here. I’ve grown closer to God and to my team. These past two weeks have been hard but fun. Looking back, I’ve grown so much both spiritually and mentally. I can’t wait to go to Cambodia and share the love of Christ!” – Courtney Hursh

“When I signed up for this trip, there were many obstacles prohibiting me from going. I’ve learned that nothing is too great for God when you trust in Him and His unfailing love. It’s been really neat to get to know and grow together with my team! Pray that our unity in Christ will be unhindered and undivided. Thank you for all the prayer and support.” – Justin McNally


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